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Some Links For Writers

I am trying to get back into writing at the moment. It’s hard because I have come to loathe the laptop. I think that’s why I don’t blog as much or go on social media as much. I’d much rather read or knit or crochet.

But I’ve always loved writing. My blog has turned into a bit of a long to do list with the odd finished make thrown in. I think I need to actually write some stuff that’s worth reading. And one day I would love to write a book. That leads to the question, how can you become any kind of writer or publish ANYTHING if you write NOTHING at all?

So maybe a goal for 2018 and more specifically the next few months is to write more, both quantity and quality. I have been looking at some sites and Youtube channels and thought I’d share them as and when I come across them.

Today’s share is a Youtube channel called The Creative Penn, which has some useful videos about writing, marketing, publishing etc. Both the creative and business processes are covered here.

Check it out if you feel inspired…

The link below is about how to find and work with a book cover designer.


Writing an e-book

Just a quick post today.

Came across this site and thought I would share this post about writing an e-book. I like reading about other people’s thought processes and how they go about writing. And you can tell I get distracted easily when I am on Pinterest!!

Writing an e-book is something I would like to do one day and I’m just looking at what other people have done regarding the planning and gathering together of ideas.

Start Today How to Write an eBook in 1 Month as a Mom Blogger