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Loom Knitting

Last week I bought a set of circular knitting looms from my local yarn shop. I’ve always wondered how to use them and after watching a video on Youtube I have it all figured out (at least the knit stitch – haven’t tried the purl yet).

And it is so QUICK to knit on. I made the smaller hat in an hour and a half and the larger one over 2 evenings. They both use 2 strands of yarn, the smaller hat using aran weight and the larger one chunky weight yarn.

The smaller hat was made on a 36 peg size loom and the larger one on a 41 peg size loom.

I followed this tutorial on Youtube. She’s really good and has a website, just google Loomahat and see what comes up.

Have a go and see how quick and easy it is to knit things in the round! The looms are not expensive at all to buy and you will wonder why you didn’t try it earlier! 🙂

There were no seams to weave in, it was all knitted in one piece with no increases or decreases and the only thing I had to sew in was when I gathered it all at the top at the end.

P.S. you can add a pom pom to the top if you want to finish it off properly.


3 Things This Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you all!

3 things I have been looking at/ pondering this week…

Knitting Magazine…lots of vintage inspired patterns

Lace weight wool only a ÂŁ1 a ball from Boyes…bargain!

Pattern and wool was free with a magazine a few months ago for a simple scarf. Think the scarf would be a good practice first time one to start with lace, but horrible choice of watermelon colours. So, since lace wool was a quid from Boyes….

Also, I have been deciding whether to knit a ballerina hippo. As you do.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone! 🙂

A Plethora of Grannies

Today’s post will show you a plethora of grannies.

But first…

(Incidentally have you seen The Three Amigos? It was one of my favourite films as a child! I’m weird I know…but it’s really funny). By the way, I don’t think I will EVER find a clip from a film that is relevant to an obscure and underused word of the English language, so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself (especially as it came from memory and not a Google search).

What is a ‘plethora’? According to the online Cambridge dictionary it is: ‘…a very large amount of something, especially a larger amount than you need, or can deal with.’


Here is a little pic of what I have been making to try and get rid of some of the freebie magazine yarn.



These ones below are obviously smaller and instead of 4+ rounds they have only 2 and then a round of double crochet (single crochet in US terms). I saw this pattern for a blanket made from squares like this in a book by Nicki Trench called Cute and Easy Crochet. I have a few balls of really soft yarn left over from YEARS ago, right when I started crocheting and didn’t know what yarn to get (so in my kind of style I ended up with 8 balls of it to practice with!). I will do as many of these diddlers as I can with the wool – no labels of course, I think it was Sirdar Snuggly but can’t remember- and then see how many I have. They feel really soft and snuggly and not as rigid as the others above.



So there you have it kids. A new word and some new grannies. Does it get better than that? Actually it does…I can smell the chocolate cake my wonderful mother is making 🙂

March WIPS

Progress updates:

WIP 1 Knitted Spring Bunting

This is almost done, just one triangle to go. Will post more pics when ready, not much change since last update.

WIP 2 Lizzie’s Housewarming Blankie

I am nearly finished first ball of wool and onto second, it should take about 3 200g balls. Good but slow progress, no pics yet because it’s not finished!

WIP 3 Knitted Wristwarmers

Back in November or December I started a pair of knitted wristwarmers and I had to adapt the pattern big time and make it up as I went along. I haven’t done any more to them, but want to get them off my needles and finished so I can use the needles for other projects!


As you can see from picture before – no progress. But the yarn is pretty and now I realise this type of yarn you have to wind into a ball before you start…not really used hanks before, well lesson learned!!

WIP 4 Crochet Stormtrooper Blanket

I am exactly 6.4% of the way through as I calculated this morning. Had a sausage butty in cafĂ© this morning and managed to get 3 squares done there! In case you are wondering, 6.4% of 625 squares is 40, so not bad at all I think. No pics as it’s all just what you’ve already seen….white, grey and black squares. So this one is a positive.

WIP 5 Use up all old stash

I am making even more granny squares when I have a spare minute to use up old wool and the freebie wool you get with magazines but never end up doing the projects (I hate just throwing it away!). I have donated a huge bag of this type of wool to a charity shop before as they want crafty stuff, but this time I’m going to use it all up productively, maybe into a blanket, maybe donate the squares to charities that make and donate blankets, I don’t know yet but this is ongoing with no end date.

I know Woolly Hugs accept squares in UK and possibly Post Pals too, I can’t remember.

Actually Post Pals is a really sweet (but often sad) charity. Basically they have a list of very sick children (and their siblings who can often feel left out) and sometimes terminally ill children too. People write letters to them and send little packages, maybe little toys, homemade things, if it says on their profile page that the child likes lego then there are lots of small figures/ kits to send. You get the idea, Fearne Cotton is patron of this charity. Here is the link:


I can’t get onto the woolly hugs site, I think they are experiencing problems with their server, but they have a variety of projects, they make blankets for children in UK hospitals, blankets for children of Chernobyl who visit each year and other things like baby memorial gowns -I think. I may have posted about it somewhere else on the blog, can’t remember, but anyway two good charities to send things to.

Ideas for future projects:

Use spare wool to knit myself a cowl

Make another cushion

Knit that double knitting star wars scarf on ravelry

Knit a hat and socks which I am dying to do and I found some sock yarn today as well, so I know where my local shop keeps it now!

Knit/ crochet a shawl


Ellen xx

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust – Wool For Wildlife

Just a quick post today. Was looking for some local groups on Ravelry to join and I came across this one and thought I had to share.

The group is called Yorkshire Wildlife Trust – Wool For Wildlife.

There is a link to their etsy shop which I will give you here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/YorkshireWildlife?ref=l2-shopheader-name

They sell 50g balls of DK wool with a mixture of wool and alpaca, they are all in natural colours – no artificial dyes used. I love the colours – greys, creams, dark greys, blacks. All very autumn-ish and warm looking!

The Wildlife Trust uses a mixture of Hebridean and Charollais sheep to graze their land (or some of it) in an environmentally friendly way, and the wool from the sheep makes a little extra profit which can be put back into their conservation efforts.

So if you want to buy some very warm and snuggly looking yarn and help the environment at the same time, then definitely join the group on Ravelry (there is a code for an extra discount there too!) and have a look at their shop on etsy. And if you’re in the UK also check out the Wildlife Trust’s website and see if there is any event or something you can take part in – they do a lot of good for the environment!! 🙂

Wool + Charity + Environment = A Good Mix!!!

Ellen x

Grannies in Neon

After a pretty emotional week with a family funeral and sorting out elements that go with that, I have finished my crochet cushion. It’s been quite therapeutic actually, to throw myself into something and focus only on that and not other things which have been floating about in my mind.

I had the idea for this little project the week before last and it just grew from nothing out of nowhere. All other projects were paused or put on the back burner as this one took over. It’s like a book that you just can’t put down, only with yarn and a crochet hook. But those are the best projects aren’t they? So utterly engrossing that everything else becomes irrelevant.

I have always wanted to do a neon something, I’m not a neon person btw so the bright colours are something of a revelation for me. I think it looks quite funky. I used Stylecraft Special DK for the pink, orange and yellow, a green from somewhere beginning with h (haribo/hasbro?) but I threw away the label, and the black is from Boyes – it’s own cheap brand of DK wool which is actually really soft for an own label make.

I made the squares and sewed them together and then on each end added some granny stripes so it ended up looking like one long rectangle. And it made me think – a blanket with neon squares in the middle and granny stripes around the edge would be A M A Z I N G!!

The first pics are the ones as it is now, with a 56cm x 56cm cushion pad in. The pic with four pics is when I tried it with a 46cm x 46cm cushion pad which was a bit too small.



Neon Granny Awesomeness

Neon Granny Awesomeness


I accidentally snapped a bit of the black yarn on one of the granny squares as I was sewing them all together…which wouldn’t have been a big deal to make another one EXCEPT I had already crocheted most of the squares together and it would have taken HOURS to unpick it all.


I glued it with PVA glue to stop it unravelling and it seems to have worked. It dried clear btw. But I have to admit…that is the first time I have ever GLUED my crochet together!!!!!!


My first cushion, I think it’s a success. Proving that not only can crochet and craft help with creativity and spontaneity and generosity, but also with mindfulness and dealing with grief and emotions and so on.

Have a good weekend Ellen xx



Waffle Knit Stitch

Yesterday I knitted 2 squares – 1 a simple knit stitch and the other a simple waffle pattern.

I find that when I buy knitting and crochet magazines they come with free kits, but ones that I would rarely want to have a go at (Willard Whale being an exception). So, what to do with all that free yarn? I have given some away in the past, either to my local primary school or to local charity shops.

But now I have an idea. I’m going to use all that cheap and nasty free yarn and use it for my experiments – Muahahahaha!

By which of course I simply mean I shall use it to practice new stitches with. It knits up quite tightly and stiffly, so would be good for things like coaster, place mats and floor mats, randomly enough! And I hate throwing things away without using up as much as I can…


The colours are bright and horrible, but it’s just a trial. I figured out on which row to change colours now so you don’t get that extra row of colour. I forgot to take a pic of the back, but the back looks quite interesting too.

Maybe if I do enough ‘trials’ I might have enough for another blanket! Or maybe a picnic rug or something!

The waffle stitch is really easy to do as well. There are lots of variations of this stitch out there, so see what you come across when you type it in.

I am trying to keep all my squares as close to 40 stitches (cast on) as possible so they all line up when I come to sew them up (if I get that far with the small amounts of freebie yarn I have left).

I have seen versions where you slip stitches or wind yarn around needle many times. It’s up to you which one you go for. I think basically it is a combination of whether you do a couple of rows of knit before or after your couple of rows of single rib.

Here is another version with bigger squares: http://newstitchaday.com/waffle-stitch/

And one I found on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHLlNxePCe8

I think this pattern would be really good with thick chunky wool, maybe cream or grey or brown…in natural colours.

And best of all, if you’re not a knitter, you can do a waffle stitch in crochet too…which would be SOOOO much quicker to do, methinks!

Ellen x