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3 Things This Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you all!

3 things I have been looking at/ pondering this week…

Knitting Magazine…lots of vintage inspired patterns

Lace weight wool only a £1 a ball from Boyes…bargain!

Pattern and wool was free with a magazine a few months ago for a simple scarf. Think the scarf would be a good practice first time one to start with lace, but horrible choice of watermelon colours. So, since lace wool was a quid from Boyes….

Also, I have been deciding whether to knit a ballerina hippo. As you do.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone! 🙂


Crochet Scarf

What is my favourite wool I hear you ask…

It is James C Brett Marble Chunky…any shade! It’s 100% acrylic and comes in 200g balls. I have used it for scarves, iPhone holders, blankets…. I love it, it’s my fave.

And the scarf I am using this season? Yes, that’s James C Brett too!

I crocheted it last year, so I can’t remember the exact pattern, but it just goes to show how fast crochet can be compared to knitting because I managed it in an evening! It uses the v-stitch (treble, chain, treble) and I would have measured from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my little finger stretched out for the width since I don’t like really wide scarves. And I would have used the whole ball.



I don’t normally go for light, bright, pastel colours, so this darker, more autumnal shade is me all over!

It does stretch a bit because the stitches aren’t close together like in knitting, but it is soooooo warm!

But that’s what I’m wearing this year…I did knit myself a scarf last year, a grey James C Brett Marble one (not chunky, maybe DK weight?) but I STILL haven’t got around to blocking it and it has curled around the edges. Once I get around to straightening it, then I will be able to say I have a knitted scarf! It was the first thing I ever completed in knitting so I should be more proactive about showing it off shouldn’t I?!!

A couple of years ago I made a cowl with the same wool but a different shade.


I think I posted about it ages ago anyway, but I love the colours and shades from this range, the greys and purples especially, so if you fancy a new wool for a simple scarf or blanket, James C Brett Marble Chunky is definitely the way forward.

The one above I used puff stitch and v-stitch together. I adapted it from a book called Crochet Workshop by Erika Knight (one of my favourite crochet designers ever). I also made my mum a scarf with this pattern, I just didn’t join it together.

Have a good day, Ellen xx

I knit therefore I am!


Been a while since I last posted I know! They say that bloggers sometimes hit a bit of a slump about 6 months into blogging which is what I think has happened to me. So, after spending almost 2 hours sorting out issues with Apple today (phonecalls, updating stuff, troubleshooting EVERYTHING) I decided to get back into the blogging routine now that I can actually ACCESS my photos and stuff.

Thought I would show a few projects I have been doing / learning lately…


OK I wont be making a sweater anytime soon, but after years of thinking I couldn’t do it, it was just too hard, didn’t understand the stitches etc…I decided to Youtube a few basic stitches and was hooked (excuse the bad pun).

I made a grey scarf and a grey blanket as well as a few other little practice things. The grey scarf was made with James C Brett Marble Acrylic and the grey blanket was made with the Marble Chunky version of the wool. I like James C Brett Marble Chunky, I think it has to be one of my favourite yarns because it’s thick which means less time to complete a project, easy to use and knits up really nicely. Also, I really like the range of colours in the Marble Chunky series.

Here is the scarf. 50 Stitches across. 1st and last 5 stitches are just knit. the ones in between stocking stitch. My own design which means simple lol!



It still needs blocking but I am quite pleased with it!

And below is the blanket. It’s not massive and used only 3 balls of the marble chunky wool. But I used CIRCULAR NEEDLES! Not difficult at all!




I am no photographer so please excuse the naff photos…no eye for staging or light sources lol!

I have also been baking bread and making a mess. I have found a good recipe for a farmhouse loaf which I am getting the hang of. Will find it and post it later.

bread 2016

And I have been down the allotment with Dad but that’s another post I think!

Read a few books which have been on my shelf for a long time…

Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood – need to read MadAddam now to complete the trilogy

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne – Meh not impressed with this one I’m afraid

Allain Quartermain by H. Rider Haggard – Not exactly politically correct nowadays but not bad

The Story of English – cant remember who it was by but I do like reading about the origins of English

Of the 40 or so books I had on my list this time last year I have about 16 to go…trouble is one is Vanity Fair, another is War and Peace, and the others include Bleak House, Moby Dick, Return of the Native, Ivanhoe, Rob Roy… talk about motivation – these books could burn for hours they are that thick!

Right that’s it for now..

Have to go do some real work! Back soon!

Ellen x

Crochet WIP

Hello there,

What is my favourite crochet stitch of all time? Basket weave!

It’s dense and warm and snuggly and really easy to do.

At the moment I am using up scraps of wool to make a scrappy scarf. Yes, ANOTHER SCARF!

So anyway, the colours don’t match and although all of the wool is DK weight, some are stiffer than others.

scrappy scarf

It looks a bit messy because it’s not finished, but this has taken a few weeks because I HATE colour changes! I try my best to get around weaving in new colours, so most of my projects are used with variegated yarn – I’m not lazy, just like things simple!!

I have heard that a scarf should be the width of your outstretched hand (from tip of the thumb to tip of little finger) and as long as you are tall,  but this one won’t be that long. I’m very tall and running out of grey!!

Anyway, that’s what I have been up to today, hope you’re all enjoying the weekend.


Heat-wave crochet!

Hello people!

Well, I have finished the crochet scarf and I think it looks quite alright. But then, I may be biased!

It’s from a pattern called ‘Scarf with Bobble Edging’ in a book called Easy Crochet: Country.

I used Stylecraft Special DK: Shade 1099. The wool is from my friend Lizzie in her wonderful surprise package, and I would say I used 1 ½ balls of it. The pattern was quite easy to follow and I BLOCKED IT! For the first time EVER I have blocked something!!

What is blocking? Well, if you make something that curls at the edges or you want a straighter, crisper finish for something then you need to block it. Often, granny squares are blocked to give a more definite square shape.

I pinned the bottom of the triangle (which was starting to curl up) to an ironing board to the shape that I wanted it, being careful not to stretch it too much, then I sprayed the scarf with water until it was wet but not soaked through, and then let it dry. It made a difference as I could complete the edging without distorting the work.

Here’s some pics so you get an idea of what I’m on about.



It’s really easy to do. And makes a difference to the finished piece.

And below is the finished scarf.




So that has been my BIG MAKE this week. And I am totally mad making a scarf in a heatwave! :O


I have also started a big cross stitch project and caught up on some reading. The two books I am currently reading are: Die Schmetterlingsfalle and Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.

Looking for my next crochet project…seen some things on Twitter and in general about Christmas in July! Eek! Although if you have lots of stockings / presents to make it’s good to get started now, I mean, after all you only have 5 MONTHS to get them done! Hurry!


Until next time

Ellen x

Today’s crochet

Hallo Leute!

Today is a happy day! I am going to continue with my new crochet project which is using some of Lizzie’s yarn (as it shall be forever known). I have sort of shelved my only two other WIPs, as I am getting bored of the skinny purple Tunisian scarf and the red top seems to be taking forever as it is done with a 2.5mm hook. I’m sure I’ll get back to them after this little project, as I want them finished completely during my recovery time.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a book called Easy Crochet: Country and I’m doing a pattern from that. I have borrowed the Seaside and Weekend volumes of this series from my local library and I quite like some of the patterns in them. Obviously there are always some in any book that you couldn’t in a million years imagine doing, I think it’s a good crochet book if there are only a few of these patterns!

I decided on a scarf, which at first sounds very unoriginal and uninspiring. But it’s a triangle, loose, light, neckerchief kind of style. The type of thing you could wear inside and out. In the book they used a green yarn whereas I am using grey. I quite like darker, muted colours and grey is one of my favourite for clothes. None of my crochet is really bright, in your face colours a la Attic24 or Le Monde de Sucrette (google them if you haven’t heard of either of them).

Grey triangle scarf

I took a close up pic because it doesn’t look right not having been blocked and edged. I just need to do a couple more rows of the main pattern, edge and block it to the right shape.


I also found a really good website called http://www.danamadeit.com There is a really good video tutorial for how to make decorations and lampshades from a ball of cotton and a tub of glue.


This would be really good to do in a school or at home with kids I think. A bit messy and you need something like a collapsible beach ball or a balloon or something but a really simple idea.

Would also look good at Christmas with sparkly yarn or spray on glitter! You could get creative and wrap around different shaped moulds to create reindeers and snowmen etc.


Well that’s all for now.

Go out and enjoy the sun! 🙂

Ellen x