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When I want to punch the Punch Needle!

I have discovered a new craft called Punch Needle Embroidery.

Never heard of it before it randomly popped up on Youtube (God knows what I was searching for in the first place). And it looked kind of easy to do, so I bought myself a cheap punch needle from Amazon, had a go and it DIDN’T work!

Maybe I was using the wrong size needle for the fabric or the wrong type of thread – I couldn’t find any embroidery thread so I used the smallest wool I had handy coz I was impatient to try it out, you know how it is when you get new stuff!

Here is a link below to a Youtube clip showing what it is…can’t believe I’m having trouble with it considering how easy it looks lol! Think I will wait until I have the right sized threads for the right sized needle and see if that makes any difference!!! If at first you don’t succeed, put it down and do some knitting instead!

Anyone ever tried punch needling?! I couldn’t get the wool to stay in the fabric and so the fabric ended up with lots of big empty holes 😦

I get the feeling this is more of an American craft as I have never seen anyone here in the UK doing it but I could be wrong!

Hope you’re having a crafty Monday! I have settled down now for some knitting, a spot of crochet, some internet time, Game of Thrones Season 5 time and maybe some reading time too (got the house to myself for a while so I can stretch out and relax for a bit!) 🙂 xx