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Malice in Wonderland

I don’t knit toys. I don’t crochet amigurumi. I don’t do fiddly.

But a couple of days ago I thought I would try a free kit with Let’s Knit magazine. My stitches were perfect, I didn’t drop any stitches or anything. They were all neat. Everything was fine and dandy.

Until I came to sew it up.

She looks quite creepy if you ask me. And a bit like a nurse,


Why can’t I finish projects like this to a higher standard?

lol…that’s all I have to say about it…just lol :O


Knitted Robin

My mother bought me a surprise present last week, the latest issue of Let’s Knit Magazine.

The free gift was a Christmas booklet and yarn with patterns for a Santa, Reindeer, Robin and a few things like socks and gloves.

I chose the robin because mum said she would take it to work if I made it for her. I’m still practicing the finishing of objects which I feel is where my skills need to be improved but it doesn’t look too bad, even though I used 4mm needles instead of 3.25mm (*gasps in horror*).

Maybe this is why he has a bit of a Mohican on his head?!!



So, do I do another robin, now that I have bought the correct size needles (why has every free kit needed the diddly sized needles?!) or do I try the reindeer or Santa? I usually have no patience with small fiddly makes like crocheted amigurumi, but I am finding I am quite liking the knitted ones, even though they are not as ‘streamlined’ as the crochet versions. Maybe because knitting is still so new?

Who knows? Or cares?!!

Next project? Finish the bunting. And more Christmas makes.

Hope you’re having a good weekend! Ellen x

Knitted Whale – I name thee Willard!

How do you know when you are advancing / improving in a craft?

For me, a new knitter since this spring, it is knowing how to increase and decrease. FINALLY, I understand the theory behind skpo, kfb and k2tog…and it wasn’t even that difficult to figure out!

So…what to do with these new found powers?


No, that’s not a euphemism for a large sweater or anything. I got the latest issue of Simply Knitting magazine yesterday and saw the free gift, which was an underwater choice of a whale, a starfish or an octopus. The other two looked really fiddly and awkward but the whale looked do-able. And there was a very satisfying moment after I had sewn the two halves together and I turned it the right way out and oh look! It worked! The fins are where they are supposed to be and he looks whale shaped! Success!

Whale…I name thee Willard! Long may you travel the seas and oceans and may you have many exciting and action packed adventures….

Hmmm he’ll need some friends to go adventuring with… *lightbulb moment*




As you can see Willard was enjoying his new found existence by sunbathing which is pretty extreme for any whale as you already know.

Till next time

Ellen x