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Quick Knit

I saw this in a magazine on Friday, started it on Saturday and finished it on Sunday!

I had a couple of hot water bottles spare from last year…as you do! And I thought I would knit one for myself, since it has been YEARS since I have used one. And very snuggly and warm it was last night too thanks for asking.

The pattern was from a collection called 100 Knitting patterns from the same people that bring you Let’s Knit magazine here in the UK. I am doing an orange jumper from there which I started last week, my first ever knitted jumper incidentally. I don’t tend to knit or crochet clothes to wear as I can’t seem to get the hang of making clothes that fit!

But I had a flick through the magazine saw this project and checked I had some spare Aran weight wool and I was away.

And since I have a couple of larger hot water bottles still in a drawer somewhere I might even have a go at designing my own pattern and putting it on Ravelry, who knows?

I went wrong a bit on the back, it’s meant to look exactly like the front, so I just free styled it for a bit, added some garter stitch and a checkerboard pattern coz I couldn’t be bothered to unpick a few rows…but it looks like it’s meant to be there right?!

And because I don’t have enough projects on the go I also started a crochet cushion cover to use up a cushion pad I have in my wardrobe. I promise you I don’t hoard random crafty stuff everywhere…no, really I have a few craft drawers and that’s it. And a box for my jewellery making supplies. And 3 more boxes. BUT THAT’S IT!!!

Stylecraft Cabaret sunset DK. But I ran out of wool, so this project is on hold until I get round to ordering some more.

Oh there are so many bags of projects in my house at the moment.

Till next time…xx


Knitted Hot Water Bottles

This year I saw a pattern in Knitting Magazine (UK) for a Christmas hot water bottle and once I looked at it I thought I could give it a go.

The first hot water bottle I followed the pattern to the letter except instead of intarsia I Swiss darned the pattern over the top which just took ages and was difficult to actually follow the pattern. But I like the colours and the overall look of it, I just need to stop thinking of myself as a beginner knitter now and call myself an intermediate one, which means having more confidence going for the slightly harder patterns.

I gave this one to Lizzie since everyone had to have something homemade this year.

It fits a 1.5l bottle which wasn’t made clear in the magazine.


I adapted the pattern slightly for Trina’s hot water bottle which was a smaller 1 litre size. I started with 10 less stitches and had a go at an intarsia pattern I created myself – was much easier than I expected. And I managed to hide the strands on the back as well.


Now I need to make one for me!

And this is the first time I have knitted (or done ANYTHING) with Aran wool and I really like it! It’s thicker than DK weight and I think I used 5mm needles so it knits up quite quickly. I think I will keep Aran wool in mind for future projects after this! I used Stylecraft Special Aran with wool for these hot water bottles. In case you’re wondering…