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Allotment goodies

All that glitters is not only gold but golden beetroot!

Small but yummy 🙂



Reach For The Sky!

What happens to asparagus if you forget to cut it?


[Those are courgettes in the round tubs by the way…if you’re interested!]


Time at the Allotment

It’s that time of year when things are blossoming and blooming and everything is turning into a gorgeous shade of green. Suddenly, almost as if overnight, trees burst into leaf, fields turn golden and flowers are opening up and everything is light and bright with the good weather.

Today was spent happily weeding at the allotment, some things are a bit behind this year due to the weather, so some places do look a bit bare, but a few weeks and all will be covered and green!

And since Word press is playing up and I don’t seem to be able to caption the pics as I go, here is a brief one beforehand. First up are chives (with Mr Bumblebee photo-bombing the pics), then lavender, strawberries, garlic, redcurrant bush on the right and (tiny) blueberry bush on the left, beetroot, horseradish – which has taken over, and finally rosemary (had no idea the tiny white flowers were so pretty on a rosemary plant).

[These photos were taken with an I-phone and no filters applied – it was a really gorgeous sunny day today! :)]

First Pumpkin of the Season!


What a happy moment when you realise that in the bag that your Dad is carrying….is a GIANT PUMPKIN!!!

Now it is Autumn. Coz there is pumpkin.

Why so happy? Last year we only had a lonely 1 pumpkin on the allotment and it was very lonely and sad with no other squash friends to talk to. And it died before we could eat it *sad face* but this year there are about 6 I think. And this one is a whopper!

Happy, happy, happy…

Happiness in an orange casing!

Happiness in an orange casing!

As always, please excuse my crappy photography!

So, I will have to see what I can make tomorrow. There will definitely be some soup at some point!! And I have never had pumpkin pie before so that is a possibility if also a cliché! Roasted in the oven…

I know it is a bit weird to get excited over a pumpkin…but that’s just me! I feel like I have said this word a lot in this post. Pumpkin. Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! 🙂

Happy Autumn to you all!!



What is a pumpkin’s favourite sport?