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Granny Of The Day

And Granny Of The Day goes to….A colour scheme I like to think of as ‘Country Combo’ [You’re not allowed to call this exact selection of colours anything else – that’s the Crochet Law Of Naming – I make it, I name it!].

The de-stashing of wool continues…

Cream, Dark Brown, Tan, Cream. This combo would look good as a granny blankie I think. Or a cushion.

And now…

I am going to have my tea!! 🙂

But before I go here is something to make your brain explode – a mash up of Mighty Boosh and Star Wars (for those of you not from the UK, The Mighty Boosh was a comedy series from about 10 years ago which ran for 3 series, and was the WACKIEST and MOST BONKERS show EVER!!!). You tube it and be confused – my favourite episode is nanageddon if you’re interested (the villain is a demon knitting granny).


A Plethora of Grannies

Today’s post will show you a plethora of grannies.

But first…

(Incidentally have you seen The Three Amigos? It was one of my favourite films as a child! I’m weird I know…but it’s really funny). By the way, I don’t think I will EVER find a clip from a film that is relevant to an obscure and underused word of the English language, so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself (especially as it came from memory and not a Google search).

What is a ‘plethora’? According to the online Cambridge dictionary it is: ‘…a very large amount of something, especially a larger amount than you need, or can deal with.’


Here is a little pic of what I have been making to try and get rid of some of the freebie magazine yarn.



These ones below are obviously smaller and instead of 4+ rounds they have only 2 and then a round of double crochet (single crochet in US terms). I saw this pattern for a blanket made from squares like this in a book by Nicki Trench called Cute and Easy Crochet. I have a few balls of really soft yarn left over from YEARS ago, right when I started crocheting and didn’t know what yarn to get (so in my kind of style I ended up with 8 balls of it to practice with!). I will do as many of these diddlers as I can with the wool – no labels of course, I think it was Sirdar Snuggly but can’t remember- and then see how many I have. They feel really soft and snuggly and not as rigid as the others above.



So there you have it kids. A new word and some new grannies. Does it get better than that? Actually it does…I can smell the chocolate cake my wonderful mother is making 🙂

Crafting The Giant Nerd In Me

I saw this pattern on Ravelry a few weeks ago and I shared it here on my blog. https://chronicleofellen.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/crochet-blanket/

If you were paying attention you would have noticed I didn’t come right out and say what it was!

Well, I have decided. I’m doing it. Yes, I’m bloody well doing it!

Here are the materials and some notes on the project.

The blanket is 25 x 25 squares. That’s 625 granny squares to make. I am doing three rounds for each square, don’t know the finished size but it will be the biggest blankie I have EVER made!

I am using Boyes own brand 100% acrylic DK weight yarn. It’s cheap and really soft for a cheap yarn. I would imagine any DK weight yarn would be suitable for this project such as Stylecraft Special DK.

4mm crochet hook.


White: 199

Black: 312

Light Grey: 100

Dark Grey: 14

So far I have done all the Dark Grey, 2 Light Grey, 2 Black and 14 White squares. Not much but I’m not rushing.

I was also thinking of doing a border in a Dark Green or Dark Red to show off all that black and white.

So it begins....

So it begins….

And if you need a good way to keep all your squares together? A simple piece of scrap yarn through the centre and you could hang them up (or keep in a carrier bag like I do), yes they curl a bit around the edges, but that will sort itself out when you come to sew them together, so don’t worry about it!

I wish there were more nerdy patterns out there!

So, that’s my latest WIP. I haven’t done much more on the knitted wrist warmers or bunting, finding it hard to finish them (and the bunting is the EASIEST project ever). Also a blanket for Lizzie’s housewarming is still on the go but is taking ages, so she’ll likely get it when she’s forty! I have some free wool with a magazine to make a lacy shawl but I didn’t like the pink and green colours so I think I’ll use a couple of balls of my own yarn, so that’s on the cards. The crochet blanket in the background needs another ball each of pink, brown and purple before I think it’s really finished. And I still need to sew up my crochet hook holder.

Lots of wants and lots of needs. And I have been looking at the crochet along on attic24 with her Moorland Blanket…I want!

Time to go and do something useful and stop whining about how much I love wool!! xx

Grannies in Neon

After a pretty emotional week with a family funeral and sorting out elements that go with that, I have finished my crochet cushion. It’s been quite therapeutic actually, to throw myself into something and focus only on that and not other things which have been floating about in my mind.

I had the idea for this little project the week before last and it just grew from nothing out of nowhere. All other projects were paused or put on the back burner as this one took over. It’s like a book that you just can’t put down, only with yarn and a crochet hook. But those are the best projects aren’t they? So utterly engrossing that everything else becomes irrelevant.

I have always wanted to do a neon something, I’m not a neon person btw so the bright colours are something of a revelation for me. I think it looks quite funky. I used Stylecraft Special DK for the pink, orange and yellow, a green from somewhere beginning with h (haribo/hasbro?) but I threw away the label, and the black is from Boyes – it’s own cheap brand of DK wool which is actually really soft for an own label make.

I made the squares and sewed them together and then on each end added some granny stripes so it ended up looking like one long rectangle. And it made me think – a blanket with neon squares in the middle and granny stripes around the edge would be A M A Z I N G!!

The first pics are the ones as it is now, with a 56cm x 56cm cushion pad in. The pic with four pics is when I tried it with a 46cm x 46cm cushion pad which was a bit too small.



Neon Granny Awesomeness

Neon Granny Awesomeness


I accidentally snapped a bit of the black yarn on one of the granny squares as I was sewing them all together…which wouldn’t have been a big deal to make another one EXCEPT I had already crocheted most of the squares together and it would have taken HOURS to unpick it all.


I glued it with PVA glue to stop it unravelling and it seems to have worked. It dried clear btw. But I have to admit…that is the first time I have ever GLUED my crochet together!!!!!!


My first cushion, I think it’s a success. Proving that not only can crochet and craft help with creativity and spontaneity and generosity, but also with mindfulness and dealing with grief and emotions and so on.

Have a good weekend Ellen xx



Dark Granny Crochet

Hello and what a happy Monday it is!

Sorry for being Missing In Action last week but it has been rather eventful. Last Thursday I finally had my cast off my foot after almost 15 weeks. Feels good. And…wait for it….I have had not one but TWO baths since then. I’m clean and it feels so good! (Obviously had showers etc. between baths you know, I’m not totally gross). And since I walked the furthest I have for a long time on crutches basically Friday and part of Saturday were spent sleeping as I was plum wore out!

I have also been crocheting like mad in between times. I finished a granny square lapghan which I call The Dark Granny, it’s made in primary colours and I’m not entirely sure about them but the wool is so soft and smooth it’s lovely and warm. It’s Deramores Studio DK and it might just be my new favourite.

Here are a couple of pics. I am not the worlds best picture taker and I don’t know whether to add border or not. It’s just the right size for my lap…old granny that I am!

dark granny2

dark granny1


I have also started another granny blanket because I’m on a roll now and another crochet project which shall remain secret for now.


Now that the cast is off and it’s high summer I feel like it’s time to set some targets and goals. I love this time of year, the harvest is just starting to be gathered in and the nights slowly but surely getting darker earlier (which I have noticed lately because it means less crochet time in natural light!).


  • Obviously relearning to walk is a big goal. Everything looks good so far on all the x-rays because I am not rushing and taking it all at my pace (which is slow). So that is a major issue in my life right now.
  • With everything that is outstanding or hanging over me I want to finish and make a clean start. This involves finishing all WIPs and my cross stitch project and reading all remaining books on my shelf which haven’t been read due to studying some of which are:- David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, War and Peace, IQ84, Cross Stitch, Moby Dick, Vanity Fair, Anna Karenina, The Story of English, The Woman in White, The Mill on the Floss, The Return of the Native, Allain Quartermain, Bleak House, Chocolat, The Lollypop Lady, Atonement, Women in Love, Tom Jones, Rob Roy…
  • De-clutter. I have that much stuff and manage to accumulate more without even trying. Over the past year I have taken 7 bags of DVDs and books and stuff to charity shop, 2 bin bags of clothes to charity shop, done a car boot sale at Christmas, and I still have no room to put anything!! Whilst I am not a follower of Feng Shui, I understand that having a clean and clear space to work is much less stressful and more productive than a dark cluttered one.
  • Go to the gym when I can move my foot. Maybe go on a bike or do some weights. Do a yoga video. Eat healthier.
  • I want to try new crochet techniques like hairpin lace, broomstick crochet, Bavarian crochet, ripple / chevron (can you believe I have never tried this?), use alpaca yarn, use a lace weight light yarn, a corner to corner blanket, one thing I will NEVER do is amigurumi…hate doing the fiddly buggers.
  • Needle felting…I have wool roving and the needle and the brush thing (don’t know the technical terms) will have to have a go…like the idea of needle felting something ONTO a crochet something…hmmm
  • Have you heard of the Gutenberg Project? I want to get involved in this. They are scanning out of copyright books so that they are accessible to millions of people for free on the internet. They need volunteers to help proofread the scanned copies vs the computer generated text. https://www.gutenberg.org/
  • And of course get rich by either winning the lottery or opening a crafty online store that makes a lot of money…one is more likely than the other at this stage…

Once everything is ‘done’ I can make a new list and see what needs prioritising. Obviously this isn’t everything I want to do…that list would go on for about 20 pages. But it’s a start.


See you soon

Ellen xx