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Knitted Hat

The most awesome and snuggly and warm hat I have made yet.

The pattern was from Let’s Knit magazine ssue 111 XMAS 2016 and I threw away the wool label so I can’t tell you what wool…but it’s very snuggly! [EDIT: Stylecraft Mosaic shade 3622 Graffiti, Super Chunky!]

I started it in December and then had a month off knitting completely for some strange reason. (I think it was because all my ongoing projects seemed to bore me to death and I needed a break!).

Here’s a photo of it…

And another quick make was a tape measure cover which was free with a magazine called Simply Knitting issue 169.

And the first bracelet I have ever made…recognise the beads Lizzie?!

Now what should I make?

Works In Progress are:

  • Lizzie’s blanket (sorry it’s taking more than a year lol!)
  • Knitted cowl
  • Knitted second sock (how does it take 6 months to make a pair of socks?)
  • A crochet ripple blanket
  • A stormtrooper crochet squares blanket
  • A crochet scraps blanket

And I have ideas for more projects…oh so many possibilities and oh so little time and money to do them!

More updates later…watching The Goldbergs and parents have just come in with treats for me lol!!!!! 🙂