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My Week Offline

Hello guys and gals…

This week has been ENTIRELY offline and it has been quite nice actually, thank you very much!

No pointless procrastination, no looking at sites which distract me, not much social media. Heaven!

So what have I been doing?

I made some nice fairy cakes the other night (left my phone upstairs so no pics, yes I’m going with that rather than I ate them all before I thought of pics) and this doesn’t sound particularly exciting except for I managed it all on crutches! So, yay me!

I have also been decluttering, although at quite a slow pace – some space cleared under bed, some old mags recycled, some socks thrown away. So even though the place is messy at the moment…I know it is empty really…that makes no sense but it does to me!

I have also finished my big cross stitch project which I may have mentioned a few posts ago. With no detail and backstitch it confused people but now there is just awe. Of course I still need to iron it…but let’s leave that for another day.

I have had this kit on my shelf for a couple of years…it is called ‘A Dictionary of Cake’ by Bothy Threads.

dictionary of cake


And I have also been perusing some magazines that dearest mother got me.



I like OM YOGA, it has inspired me to get back into Yoga. I used to do it quite regularly about 10 years ago (way back when I did Yoga from a VHS!) and I did it at university for awhile but as with everything it is either finding or making the time or motivation to do something. I think from now on I will start small and try to do 10 mins of Yoga every day even though it’s a tiny amount. Also, for the past few months I haven’t even been able to stand properly because of my foot, but now that I am starting to be more mobile, I see no reason not to be fitter as well…baby steps though!

And look at that pattern for PJs! I have never sewn clothes for me before but I’m thinking that PJs will be a good (and cheap) starter project. That’s from Simply Sewing which I think is a new magazine in the UK…I’ve never bought it before anyway!!

I have also been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award so more on that tomorrow. Hopefully internet will not be deciding to play up as it always does when I need it.

That’s pretty much it for now…Mum’s birthday on Monday so need to think about that! And my brother is off work for a week now so he better come and see me soon! Feels like I haven’t seen him for ages and he only lives a few miles away…

Until next time,

Ellen xx