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What I’ve been up to this week

Wednesday Wonderings #2

Wednesday Wonderings #2

Some thoughts on a Wednesday that go like this


A good book to read: The Canterbury tales…yes, yes I know, it’s old language etc. (Middle English actually). But it’s been on my bookshelf for years unopened and unread and finally I read it yesterday. The Miller’s tale is my favourite…is this possibly where the phrase ‘Kiss My Arse?’ comes from?!!!


A good website to visit: Tips on writing and self-publishing


A good recipe to make: Ciabatta = YUM! This actually doesn’t look that hard to do…so maybe I’ll try it out soon!


A good cause to donate to: The Bat Conservation Trust…one of my new favourite animals I think. Did you know none of the bats in the UK are fruit eaters? They all eat insects (or so I believe). When I lived in Thailand last year there was a bat cave near a Buddhist Temple which took 2 hours for the bats to come out at night – so just imagine how many lived in the cave!! I have a video on my phone…it looks like huge flocks of birds, but they’re bats!


A good place to visit: Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire. Ancient rock formations, walking, climbing, woodland, moor…a good day out


A good (?) joke to tell: What did Santa say to Queen Elsa? I’m Fro-ho-ho-zen! (I made that up!)


A good thing to know:

That’s all folks! xx


That Thursday Feeling



I’ve been listening to this today (isn’t it great?!)


I have been watching this today (because I LOVE the Badman College Humor series)


I have discovered this today – just LOOK at those colours in that shawl


I have been reading this blog – Sylvanian Families! How to make Halloween Wreaths…:)


I have been looking at the pics on this blog – I hope my pumpkins are like THAT ONE this year!!!


I have been drooling over / coveting / wanting this….September colours


And now back to the blankie

Ta rah for now!

Ellen x

Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up


Books I’ve been reading: Bury my heart at Wounded Knee, Die Schmetterlingsfalle

Films I’ve watched: Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (what a waste of time, but I stuck with it!), Dragon (Chinese film with martial arts wonder Donnie Yen – if you don’t know who that is google him now)

Music I’ve been listening to: One Republic

Items crocheted: A grey shell and popcorn scarf

Crafty makes: Started a big cross stich project called ‘A Dictionary of Cake’

What I’ve learned: macramé looks oh so easy and yet oh so hard!

What made me laugh:


And for something different: Change your shopping habits to reduce waste


Have a HAPPY SUNDAY and I will post more crafty goodness this week…:)

Ellen xx

Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up



Books I’ve been reading: The Power of Meditation, Die Schmetterlingsfalle

Films I’ve watched: Mona Lisa Smile, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Music I’ve been listening to: Michael Jackson – Earth Song (makes me smile when I hear it)

Items crocheted: 0 HOWEVER I discovered a crochet technique all by myself (and once my phone decides to be good and ACTUALLY upload stuff, I will post pics).

Crafty makes: 1 cross stitch card, did some more on crochet red top (it is NEVER ENDING!)

Riddle of the week: What can travel around the world yet stays in a corner? (answer below)

What I have learned: That according to a tweet by Greenpeace UK ‘The oil age is ending, renewables are the future!’

And for something different:

Our GERMAN WORD OF THE WEEK goes to: das Stinktier (skunk)

Germans love to make compound nouns by sticking two nouns together like the above example. Tier is animal and Stink is obvious – put them together and you have…Stink Animal. The logic that Germans are so famous for even applies to their language.

Another example is the word for glove – der Handschuh. It’s a shoe for the hand!




Answer: A stamp!


That’s all, hope you had a good weekend

Ellen x

Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up


So here it is, new ‘thing’ every Saturday (or when I remember). What I’ve been up to in the past week.

Which is to say not much this week as haven’t been well. But on the plus side I have been ‘walking’ more with crutches and re-learning to weight bear on my foot. Still quite wobbly, especially in the bathroom though! Kind of know how dogs feel with one leg up :O or that’s how it feels sometimes!!!!!


Books I’ve been reading: Oliver Twist

Films I’ve watched: Moonrise Kingdom, We bought a zoo, The Hobbit 1 & 2

Music I’ve been listening to: Nothing since my I-Pod decided to die (I think this time for good)

Items crocheted: 1 (!) baby mitten to try out a pattern…WAY too big for a baby hand!; more done with purple Tunisian crochet scarf.

Crafty makes: 0

What I’ve learned: Oliver Twist isn’t actually in the book much

What made me laugh: My mother’s impression of me walking on crutches – shall we say ‘in the style of Basil Fawlty?!’


And for something different:

Our GERMAN WORD OF THE WEEK goes to: Tohuwabohu (meaning chaos or bedlam)

Isn’t that the best word ever?! I think I’ll use that as much as possible this week!


Have a happy weekend

Ellen x