Making like mad

The creative streak (if not the posting streak) continues!

After using up most of my wool stash on a crochet blanket, a knitted hat and snood and a crochet cushion, I decided the wool drawer looked a bit empty and promptly rushed out to buy more wool!

I bought myself a book called Simple Colour Knitting by Erika Knight a few months ago and saw a simple chunky jumper I wanted to try. I love her designs.

The jumper is knitted on 10 and 12mm needles so knits up really quickly. Did the back in just a couple of evenings so maybe another week to finish it if I only knit after work?

Here’s a pic below I took this afternoon before I finished the back…

And this is also the first post I have posted with the WordPress app which I don’t know why I waited so long to install it?! (Maybe coz I still type on my phone with one finger?!)

Will post a longer entry soon when I’m on a keyboard lol!

Hope you’re having a crafty weekend! X

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