Ready Player One

Good Afternoon All!

I have two days left before I have to go back to work 😦 but on the plus side, just look at all the reading and crafty stuff I have got through during the last two weeks! yay!

The most recent book I have read was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and it was one of my favourite books ever, it’s nerdy and it’s geeky and I actually got most of the non computer or music references…so that leaves just the film stuff I suppose?! I did have to google a few things…Van Halen for example!


It’s set in the (dystopian- what else?!) near future where you can immerse yourself in the internet which is now called the OASIS. The main character is a poverty stricken teenager who goes on a treasure hunt/ race to find a dead trillionnaire’s inheritance. And since the Steve Jobs/ Bill Gates type character built his business and fortune in the 80’s, then the whole world basically plays 80’s video arcade games and listens to 80’s music whilst looking for treasure and dodging the evil IOI company who will kill for the money.

It’s got flying delorean cars from back to the future – can you see why Steven Spielberg is on board? I think the film comes out in March this year…here’s the trailer below.

If you haven’t already then you should definitely read this book before the film comes out!

Have a happy Tuesday! 🙂



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