Book Challenge Update

Oh my, how much can one read when one has a week off?!

The answer: shitloads!

From my original Read-What-I-Have challenge I managed to get 3 books finished, which means I have only 4 more to go in total and then I will have read everything on the list – hooray!

This week I have read The Mill on the Floss, The Woman in White and Ivanhoe. I have also bought a few books, both from a physical bookshop and Amazon. I read The Fat of the Land, Strong, Get Rich Blogging and How to Make a Living with your Writing. AND I managed to get in a couple of e-books and magazines.


7 physical books and 2 short e-books is not a bad haul in one week!

I have to say I really enjoyed The Woman in White, I couldn’t put it down, it was so well written. I found it full of suspense and drama and the way it was told from the points of view of different characters (thereby having different narrators) I  thought that was a really modern thing to do (even though it was written in the early 1800s).

Interestingly, even though Ivanhoe was written at around the same time, the language used was very different (even challenging). It is set in Medieval England and has appearances from Richard the Lionheart, A Knight called Ivanhoe, Friar Tuck and even Robin Hood. One downside was as I was reading it all I could see in my mind was an image of those Hollywood films from the 40’s and 50’s where all the costumes were bright and the fight scenes were hilarious (to say nothing of their hairstyles!). And poor Isaac the Jew! He is the untold hero of the story.

The Mill on the Floss was OK, it actually has some really good quotes in, but after spending 3/4 of the book focusing on their childhoods, it was too a sudden and abrupt end, ending as it did. It was OK, just OK.

How to Make a Living with your Writing I ordered from Amazon, it’s a lot tinier than I expected – really thin and that says it all really – not much substance to it. The hints are quite general and vague.

BUT. I really liked Get Rich Blogging by Zoe Griffin. That seemed a bit more practical and helpful for me and I liked the case studies in it, even if they weren’t all in the same ‘niche’ as me (parenting- urgh not yet thanks!). I liked it and it’s one to dip into for inspiration every now and then.

SO. 4 more books to go and then I am free to buy to more (although as you can see, they have already started to creep back in – let’s see if I can’t keep this bookshelf free).

They are:

  1. Vanity Fair
  2. Rob Roy
  3. War and Peace
  4. Anna Karenina

And I can already see that I will hit my target for this year – yay!

But I need a break now, all this reading lately has had one downside.


No knitting. No crochet. No writing. No nothing. (Apart from baking scones today).

And after a nice relaxing week off work, it’s back to the grind tomorrow 😦

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, Ellen xx

7 thoughts on “Book Challenge Update

  1. Tami

    Well apparently the way to make a living with writing is to write a flimsy how-to book with a catchy title! The blogging one sounds very interesting. I wouldn’t be able to write a very good parenting blog – most chapters would start with “Relax mom and dad, it’s not the end of the world….” 😀


  2. yoursewinstyle

    I’ve just started War and Peace today and don’t envisage much crafting going on for some time! Have Anna Karenina to go straight after whenever that will be! You have done brilliantly to read so much, what a sense in achievement.


  3. Candelo Blooms

    Well done! I know how hard it is to get time to read along with blogging, craft, daily life and work, even as a speed reader! Doesn’t stop me trying though and it’s always good to get recommendations! I really enjoy your blog, so have just nominated you for a Blue Sky Tag. See: You should have a bit of fun with it!! Thank you xxx


  4. Mr Knitter

    Good call, reading time is essential. I too decided to take some time out the last few weeks and have managed to read “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhard, “Farrenheight 451” By Ray Bradbury, and “Open Secret” by Stella Rimmington. I also manage to get a few hundred pages read of “Wid Swans: Three Daughters of China” by Jung Chang (second time I have read this)


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