National De-clutter Week

Apparently it is National Clear Your Clutter Day on Saturday 11th March and this week is therefore National De-clutter Week.

For more info see here

By happy coincidence we cleared a few boxes of old stuff from the loft yesterday. I got rid of a few old cuddlies and dolls, a couple of rucksacks and a big cushion or two. I actually find getting rid of stuff really easy now, for the longest time (and especially when I was studying German at uni) I loved to be surrounded by my stuff, in particular my books. Books have always been my friends. But now, in the past few years, I realise that letting go of physical things and clutter is the way to go. A recent loss in the family has certainly brought that into perspective – after all, the old saying is true, you can’t take it with you.

The hardest thing for me is convincing others to get rid of stuff. I was born in Germany as my dad was posted over there in the British Army and we moved back and forth from England to Germany until I was 6 or 7 and then we’ve lived in England ever since. A lot of the stuff we looked at yesterday was things like ornaments from that time, which have special and sentimental meaning to us and only us (who wants to buy a set of ornaments with Paderborn on them?!).

We found a nice little pink glass vase which is now in my room. Mum doesn’t remember it so we think it was my gran’s yet it still has the sticker on and is in a box, so I don’t think it was ever used.

We also found a few things I had made and I have to say, it was funny hilarious seeing some of the things I drew. And quite sweet knowing I sent pictures to my gran and uncle (who are now no longer with us).


OK, so far so normal, obviously a great artist from a young age.


Erm, what the hell is this?! Also a disturbed child it would seem!!

I think it’s time for a spring clean with stuff anyway at this time of year, which is partly why I am trying to clear old stash.

In other news I am now 8.8% finished with my crochet granny square blanket that I have previously posted about (yes the NERDY ONE!!). That equates to 55 out of 625 squares completed – even the ends have been woven in for each one. I don’t think that is bad going at all. I am dreading doing the black squares though as they are quite hard to see and strain your eyes a bit.

I am also looking for the right knitted cowl pattern, think I may have found it on Ravelry, a bandana type of one, but I think I need chunky wool and was hoping to use DK. Oh well, still on the lookout.

Now I really am procrastinating. Back to work Ellen!


8 thoughts on “National De-clutter Week

    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      lol I used to be like that, piles of stuff on the floor, open any cupboard and you got an avalanche of stuff.
      Now I am the exact opposite – and best of all I don’t even miss the stuff once it’s gone! xx

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    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      You’re very welcome and may I also recommend a dog and duck chase for today?

      Or perhaps good ole Chuck Norris? [a bit of a long one but after 10 seconds you get the idea]


  1. hyggejem

    Declutter? What is this declutter of which you speak? I am going to save everything I can from the noughties onwards and when I die they can open a museum up straight away and make money from me. Actually, perhaps I should set the museum up now and see if I can make the money myself. I could call it “The Museum of the Future”

    But I love the pictures. You didn’t get rid of them, did you?


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      No I didn’t the pictures are safe in a pile somewhere with a few really cute pictures of me and my cousin playing and hugging!
      How quickly the museum of the future becomes the temple of the past though! That’s a good name for a blog – you could photograph your treasures and keep a log of your clutter – but would that make you want to keep it all or throw it all?!! xx

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  2. KnottyMagpie

    You should totally check out “The lifechanging magic of tidying up”! It’s the only book that really made me feel OK about throwing things away. I just listened to it as an audio book in the car going to work. SO worth it, especially if you hate cleaning as much as I do lol


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