Pink is the new Black!

First of all, before I get started, thank you Mrs Blooms for the carrot cake recipe you posted for me, anyone wants a good recipe to try, head on over to and add it to your recipe collection right now! Thanks again! 🙂

Second I have been asked by 3 people today what I am giving up for Lent. The answer is a resounding, huge, big fat NOTHING. OK? Good! And no, I didn’t even get pancakes yesterday…*sighs*.

Something different for my craftiness today. Is it crochet? Is it knitting? Is it cross stitch or baking or writing? Nope. Pottery.

My friends Lizzie and Kerrie bought me a pottery course for my birthday last year and for the last four weeks I have been making pots and hearts. The course is run at a shop called PoppyRose and it’s just off Stockton High Street on Silver Street. The course was run by a lovely mum and daughter couple called Lou and Ann and they also do other crafty courses if you’re interested, head on over to and have a look – lots of nice crafty things in the shop too! If you look on their facebook page you will find a lot more pictures on there. There are lots of lovely local regulars that go along as well, some making bowls, figures, throwing on the wheel, little pretty flowers…and it’s been really nice to try something totally new and different to the usual kind of crafty things I do 🙂

Here is what I have made so far:


Some little hearts and shapes to hang up. I had fun mixing the colours for these (I especially like how the butterfly turned out). To those friends who I wrote names on…oops just act surprised lol!

They have been fired once, now painted and glazed and will be fired a second time. So it’s not a quick process at all. It takes WEEKS and yet I cold have a crochet scarf done in an evening! They will also look shinier once they have been fired.

I really enjoyed myself and can’t wait to see how these turn out, so thank you girls!

I guess I don’t really do Wordless Wednesdays do I?!!

Ellen x


5 thoughts on “Pink is the new Black!

  1. Candelo Blooms

    These look like fun! I’ve had some air-drying modelling clay sitting in the cupboard for ages, all sealed up, waiting for an appropriate project! Maybe, this is it! I will let you know when and if I get round to it!!! I do like that website too- very inspiring! Maybe, I should make a Mr. and Mrs. Blooms cushion cover too!!! xxx

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    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Yes, and it must have a pretty flower on it too! 🙂
      All I did was roll out the clay, press a doily into it and cut it out with cutters! You could use old baking cutters if you have interesting shapes, or make letters…or make tiles, coasters, little tags to put in kitchen – on Instagram there is an account called Handcraftedlove she makes little tags so have a look at hers for simple ideas if you are on Instagram! xx


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