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I did a thing yesterday but you won’t have noticed. I scheduled my post for this morning – I wrote it yesterday and decided I wanted it to post at 10am today. Figured it out all by myself! Is that a sarcastic round of applause I hear? Well, I’m going to ignore the sarcasm and do a little bow in response – you’re welcome and yes, I DID figure it out all by myself. 🙂

If you go to the little box on the right where it says ‘publish’ you will see an icon with a calendar and ‘publish immediately’ – click on ‘edit’ next to it and decide what time and date you want it publishing and click ok. Your blue ‘publish’ button will now have changed to ‘schedule’. Click that when you are finished writing/ uploading media to your post and it will go in your posts queue ready and waiting.

It’s that easy!

One thing I did notice was that I scheduled it for 10am but it posted 9am, possibly this was something to do with living in the UK? If you go into settings and general, you can change the time settings if you want. But they use UTC which is a standard of time I’m not familiar with (not being GMT and all that) but anyway just so you know.

Ellen xx


6 thoughts on “Admin and Learnings

  1. Tanglewood Knots

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve poked around a bit in admin but am usually too afraid to touch some things because I don’t want to mess anything up! Thanks for being the brave soul that clicks the buttons and lets the rest of us know what happens!!! 😀


  2. craftycreeky

    It took me a while to suss out scheduling too. I’ve a friend who for months thought I was up at 6am to write a blog as I usually schedule for 7am, she was quite disappointed to discover I’d written it at a reasonable hour! It’s very useful for holidays to keep a few posts coming 🙂


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