3 Things Knitting And Crochet Has Taught Me

I was just scrolling down the list of early blog posts (cringe) that I wrote at the start of this blog and I came across this and it made me smile, I, having forgotten all about it.


It made me think of what I have gained from my hobbies. Crochet, Knitting, Reading, Blogging, Writing, Sewing, Cross-Stitch all have similar roots you could say in the crafty and creative sense. My personal 3 things are as follows:

  1. Patience

The amount of times I have had to frog a piece I was working on, or, with knitting, accidentally slipping a stitch and watching in horror as it leaves a ladder down the work, or noticing I have missed a stitch and therefore have to re-do a whole row or the whole piece is off. Seriously, the amount of times! I have never screamed or cried over a project, although there are times when I have felt like it (especially with learning to knit last year!). But, now, I just rip it apart/ undo that last row and start over. I’m not even so bothered anymore because I realise, for me, it’s the making that is the most fun part and redoing it? It’s not the end of the world is it?!

2. Problem- Solving

This is kind of linked to the first point. I have been crocheting since 2009 and knitting since last year, so I am able to notice when a pattern has a mistake in it. Like the wrist warmers I am STILL knitting, I tried a few variations on a theme, then decided to make up my own pattern. And when I slip a stitch knitting? A crochet hook will pull the stitch back onto the needle. And when I don’t have exactly the materials/ equipment that a pattern recommends? Improvise – paperclips for stitch holders; a safety pin on the working stitch to stop the stitches unravelling when you put it down for the night and take the crochet hook out; pattern calls for a zip and you don’t have one – use buttons or ribbon etc.

3. Confidence/ Appreciation

I have always been guided by one rule, even when I was a teenager, and it trickles it’s way through my life now, as an adult. And it is this.

Like what you like and don’t be put down or put off by other people for liking it.

I like crafts. I like nerdy sci-fi stuff. I like love books. I like space. I like Ancient Egypt. I like Sausage Dogs and Labradors and Spaniels. I like environmentally friendly things. I like the idea of me raising pigs and keeping chicken one day. I like helping dad on his allotment. I like a lot of other things too. So what?

I can appreciate other people’s work and creations and understand/ empathise with how much consideration and effort has gone into it. I can understand patterns and charts. I can sit on a ferry to the Isle of Wight as I did last week and confidently get out my crochet/ knitting even though I will get stared at by the little children nearby and just about anyone who walks past. I’m OK with liking what I like because I am the one who likes it.

And I swear I will talk about something else in the next post, it has been knitting this and crochet that recently for ages.

Except. I’ll probably forget and show you the granny squares and the stash-busting that has been going on lately!

Till next time, Ellen xx



21 thoughts on “3 Things Knitting And Crochet Has Taught Me

      1. jessicacrafts

        I tend to be a throw it at the wall/bin and scream type of person. I may eventually come back to it after I’ve done other projects but we’re talking weeks not minutes lol


  1. Knitters and Hookers

    Fab post. I agree with all of your points (I have had to frog a fair few things in my time too. Soul-destroying at the time, but ultimately I have learned more because of it). And I also want to have chickens one day – although my husband is not so keen! x


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thanks, yes, with knitting I am extra careful to make sure I do it right first time as I’m not great on fixing mistakes, but ultimately it’s not the end of the world. And I want to own the type of chickens with feathers down their legs because they look like they’re wearing trousers…I call them Trouser Chickens (not their latin name!) and I also want pigs, goats, dairy cow, bees……

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    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thanks lol! And I have always loved your kindness and quirkiness (did I just you my nice but strange friend?!!). You have never been afraid to like what you like either you know…Conrad Veidt, Agatha Christie, The Thin Man (who knows what drinks to pour to what music), Peter Whimsey, Black and White Films… and a million other things which I wont go into here…;) xxx

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  2. Yolanda Chavez

    Sometimes when I have to frog back a lot, I stop working on it for a couple of days so it doesn’t feel like I’m undoing hours (sometimes days) of work. In the moment, I can’t do it but later, after I’m not so connected to the time spent on it, I find it easier to undo. And now, like you, when I have to rip back, I realize I enjoyed the process and don’t mind so much when I have to redo the work because I’m still enjoying myself. But don’t get me wrong, in the moment, I still rant and rave and toss the offending piece into the craft bag. I’m not perfect. 🙂

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    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      I find having a notepad nearby helps too, so I can scribble a note of where I am/ what the next row should be and then get to a point where I know where I am, but like you, come back to it at a later date. Frogging doesn’t seem to be the tragedy/ travesty it used to seem, although saying that, there have been moments of swearing…just a few moments though. xx

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  3. claire93

    thanks so much for stopping by on my blog, and therefore leading me to yours.
    I do love a good blog-read, and your blog is lovely and chatty, just the way I like them lol.

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  4. thecraftcwtch

    Loved reading your blog and the comments from like minded crafters. Funny how so many of us share similar outlooks on life as well as our hopes and dreams. I have been knitting and crocheting for over 50 years after learning from my Mum, aunties and Nana but a year ago I fulfilled my dream to have some chucks and an allotment. Alas a chronic back condition was too much to keep up the allotment but my 6 chickens are now comfortably set up in the garden and at the moment are laying like crazy keeping me and friends and family well supplied with delicious eggs.
    I have added 10 doves as well, much to the amusement or could be annoyance of our two dogs. Throw 5 grandchildren and an Afterschool club into the mix and life is full on.

    But crafting has always been a passion and usually a great stress reliever until I make a cock up or I use a downloaded pattern that makes no sense at all and then I grow horns!!

    I love reading and until about 6 months ago it was reading or crafting – when I discovered audio books. I love thrillers and the more exciting the book the faster I knit or crochet! Absolute bliss.
    Anyway I can’t type and knit – yeast so I had best get on with the latest wip.

    Good to meet you x


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Hi! Thanks for commenting – and I hope I didn’t take you away from crafting for too long!
      I agree that craft is a great stress reliever – I guess it’s part of the recent mindfulness movement which has suddenly sprung up.
      I sympathise with the back, having suffered from back pain for years now – it can be crippling and agonising. If you still wanted to do a little digging, maybe raised beds could be an option?
      I would love 6 chickens in my back garden but there just isn’t enough room. I know they would cheer you up in no time after a bad day at work! But add a couple of goats and ducks and that would be heaven!
      Audio books are quite hard for me to get into, mostly because they read too slow! But I do like to listen to music when I craft – the faster and more dramatic a piece then the quicker a project gets done lol xx


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