Crafting The Giant Nerd In Me

I saw this pattern on Ravelry a few weeks ago and I shared it here on my blog.

If you were paying attention you would have noticed I didn’t come right out and say what it was!

Well, I have decided. I’m doing it. Yes, I’m bloody well doing it!

Here are the materials and some notes on the project.

The blanket is 25 x 25 squares. That’s 625 granny squares to make. I am doing three rounds for each square, don’t know the finished size but it will be the biggest blankie I have EVER made!

I am using Boyes own brand 100% acrylic DK weight yarn. It’s cheap and really soft for a cheap yarn. I would imagine any DK weight yarn would be suitable for this project such as Stylecraft Special DK.

4mm crochet hook.


White: 199

Black: 312

Light Grey: 100

Dark Grey: 14

So far I have done all the Dark Grey, 2 Light Grey, 2 Black and 14 White squares. Not much but I’m not rushing.

I was also thinking of doing a border in a Dark Green or Dark Red to show off all that black and white.

So it begins....

So it begins….

And if you need a good way to keep all your squares together? A simple piece of scrap yarn through the centre and you could hang them up (or keep in a carrier bag like I do), yes they curl a bit around the edges, but that will sort itself out when you come to sew them together, so don’t worry about it!

I wish there were more nerdy patterns out there!

So, that’s my latest WIP. I haven’t done much more on the knitted wrist warmers or bunting, finding it hard to finish them (and the bunting is the EASIEST project ever). Also a blanket for Lizzie’s housewarming is still on the go but is taking ages, so she’ll likely get it when she’s forty! I have some free wool with a magazine to make a lacy shawl but I didn’t like the pink and green colours so I think I’ll use a couple of balls of my own yarn, so that’s on the cards. The crochet blanket in the background needs another ball each of pink, brown and purple before I think it’s really finished. And I still need to sew up my crochet hook holder.

Lots of wants and lots of needs. And I have been looking at the crochet along on attic24 with her Moorland Blanket…I want!

Time to go and do something useful and stop whining about how much I love wool!! xx


20 thoughts on “Crafting The Giant Nerd In Me

  1. littleyellowcamper

    Oh wow, my boys would love this! (As would I, house full of Star Wars fans here.) That’s a lot of squares 🙂 My project wish list gets bigger and bigger too. If only there were more hours in the day!


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      I know what you mean! So many things to make, so little room to hoard all the materials!
      I’ve seen R2-D2 and Yoda blankets with pixels too, as well as really cool superhero ones…so many amazing choices out there for nerdy things to crochet and make for boys (and girls!) – I found this idea on Pinterest first and then through Ravelry…xx


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thanks! Yes, it’s a long project to do, never had to crochet HUNDREDS of grannies before.
      I saw Rogue One too…guy behind me laughed and gasped at all the in jokes and references and I’m sat there thinking ‘yes, I know! I understand them too!!!’ xx


  2. laughingsparrow

    Very cool! I usually knit rather than crochet, but I could see this being a good reason to pick up a hook again. I’m currently working on a “Geek-A-Long” double knit blanket where I create squares from various Geekdoms, for a large blanket. It’s going to take a long time though.


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      That sounds like a great idea – I’ve seen a few GAL’s on Ravelry and other people’s blogs, like the Firefly one, a Star Wars one and just a general one. It might be a project for the future I think. I find crochet much quicker than knitting so I don’t think this blankie will take more than a few months! xx

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        1. sarucrochet30 Post author

          I know the feeling! Depending on how long this takes and what the finished object looks like I may have to make another one for a friend…maybe R2 D2 next time! I look forward to seeing yours finished! xx

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