Never Fear – SEO is here!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I have just been reading a book called SEO MADE EASY by Evan Bailyn published by Pearson.

I borrowed it from the library along with 5 other books, which, incidentally, is a good time to preach to the masses: USE YOUR LIBRARY!!! Think of all that knowledge and adventure that awaits inside (although, obviously with a book title like SEO MADE EASY…maybe not so much adventure but anyways).

It’s quite interesting for a lay person like me to read about ‘technical’ stuff. This blog is as technical as I get in many ways. And yet. I feel I am at that stage where I want to move forward and I have been reading around lots of different subject areas, more about which another time.

But it got me thinking. About searching the web and how people find this blog. I wish WordPress would let me see the unknown search terms (which usually denote someone using Google) as there are loads of these, but the search terms that I CAN see…well, let’s just say – quite logical actually!

So here they are: prepare to be amazed and astounded! Or not…


Unknown Search Terms: 18


Unknown Search Terms: 104

masham yorkshire flooding

sacred shawl women’s shelter


Unknown Search Terms: 65

“cast on foot”

scarf edgings

crochet a sitting cussing

my james brett jumper finished

deramores gemstone colours granny squares

where do knitting magazines get freebies from

attonment blog crochet

I have posted about flooding in Yorkshire, wearing a cast on my foot, I have used James C Brett wool before, I have cussed when I have been sitting crocheting but never written about it! So, it’s mostly all logical, although I have no idea where magazines get their freebies – sorry whoever searched for that!

So, what would the keywords be on this blog? Crochet, knitting and wool/ yarn I think would be on the list somewhere. Maybe also books and reading/ writing. Hopefully craft and hobbies too.

Writing this I just realised I haven’t posted anything about the allotment for a long time. I haven’t been for a while as the past few months have been a bit stressful but need to take some pics and see how it’s doing.

As I may have said before, this blog is just a hobby blog for me. It’s a good intro into the world of ‘online’ and I am enjoying it still. As a result of starting this blog I am active on Instagram and Pinterest (having found LOADS of money-making, crafty, writing and lifestyle ideas on there), am fairly active on Twitter, but this is still a bit of a headache for me. Facebook I have washed my hands of. It’s quite old-fashioned and doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid. I have come across lots of inspirational blogs and people and it’s nice to have a nosy at what other people are making and baking. When I was at primary school and we had swimming lessons on a Monday, I used to love looking out of the windows on the top of the double decker bus as it meant I could peer into people’s homes and gardens. I don’t think that nosiness has ever left me – I shall blame it on being female and that’s all! So, with blogs, I get to see into other people’s homes and gardens, except this time with pretty pictures, sometimes a video and always an explanation!!

But anyway…

What’s the most random search term people have used to find your blog? Do they match the content of your blog or are they way off?

Ellen xx






4 thoughts on “Never Fear – SEO is here!

  1. Emma

    All the search terms for me are pretty standard but some actually gave me a great idea for a new amigurumi pattern. Thanks for reminding me that the search terms existed! X


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