Grannies in Neon

After a pretty emotional week with a family funeral and sorting out elements that go with that, I have finished my crochet cushion. It’s been quite therapeutic actually, to throw myself into something and focus only on that and not other things which have been floating about in my mind.

I had the idea for this little project the week before last and it just grew from nothing out of nowhere. All other projects were paused or put on the back burner as this one took over. It’s like a book that you just can’t put down, only with yarn and a crochet hook. But those are the best projects aren’t they? So utterly engrossing that everything else becomes irrelevant.

I have always wanted to do a neon something, I’m not a neon person btw so the bright colours are something of a revelation for me. I think it looks quite funky. I used Stylecraft Special DK for the pink, orange and yellow, a green from somewhere beginning with h (haribo/hasbro?) but I threw away the label, and the black is from Boyes – it’s own cheap brand of DK wool which is actually really soft for an own label make.

I made the squares and sewed them together and then on each end added some granny stripes so it ended up looking like one long rectangle. And it made me think – a blanket with neon squares in the middle and granny stripes around the edge would be A M A Z I N G!!

The first pics are the ones as it is now, with a 56cm x 56cm cushion pad in. The pic with four pics is when I tried it with a 46cm x 46cm cushion pad which was a bit too small.



Neon Granny Awesomeness

Neon Granny Awesomeness


I accidentally snapped a bit of the black yarn on one of the granny squares as I was sewing them all together…which wouldn’t have been a big deal to make another one EXCEPT I had already crocheted most of the squares together and it would have taken HOURS to unpick it all.


I glued it with PVA glue to stop it unravelling and it seems to have worked. It dried clear btw. But I have to admit…that is the first time I have ever GLUED my crochet together!!!!!!


My first cushion, I think it’s a success. Proving that not only can crochet and craft help with creativity and spontaneity and generosity, but also with mindfulness and dealing with grief and emotions and so on.

Have a good weekend Ellen xx




17 thoughts on “Grannies in Neon

  1. Kat L.

    Very sorry about your difficult week and family situation. But it’s so good that you have something to keep your thoughts away from all the sadness. Crochet and crafts in general really help… there is something so special about being creative at a difficult time.
    And I really like how you arranged the colours in your cushion!
    P.S. I actually ‘cheat’ sometimes and use glue in amigurumi. They are made with cotton thread crocheted very tightly and sometimes sewing the pieces together is just too much struggle – and here enters my magic glue. Whatever it takes – it’s part of being creative too, right? 😉


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I do find that having a creative hobby such as knitting and crochet is a great way to work through whatever I’m going through (and also make nice stuff!).
      I have to say I don’t have the patience for amigurumi! They are too small and never look the way they are supposed to in the picture! I’m glad I’m not the only one who glues things together xx

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    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thanks Lizzie, yeah I’m ok.
      The funeral was a lot harder than I expected to be honest. Maybe because I felt I had already dealt with all the grief as we were going through it and actually I hadn’t? I don’t know…but onwards and upwards is all we do now I suppose? Hope you’re ok too and planning lots of cool stuff for the wedding xx


  2. Emma

    Sorry to hear about your loss. The cushion looks really amazing though, it’s so wonderful how therapeutic crochet can be. Sending you warm thoughts


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thanks! I don’t think I have properly, I sort of scribbled quick notes on my ravelry projects page but maybe I can write out the pattern soon and post it, it sort of just worked up as I did it, which isn’t helpful for other people I know! xx


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