2017 so far

A while ago I posted these tiny goals for 2017

  1. Publish a pattern on Ravelry – free or paid
  2. Crafty goals – knit a hat and a pair of socks, crochet a corner to corner blanket, sew an item of clothing – Use up my crafty stash – fabric, wool etc.
  3. Start doing Yoga again
  4. Write 500- 1000 words every day
  5. Keep up with technology (those who know me are shouting HA! right now) and learn to use EXCEL and ACCESS properly
  6. Blog more often and take better photos and learn how to edit them

So progress? I have definitely blogged more often in the past couple of weeks and seen page views rise correspondingly. It’s kind of nice to have a distraction from stuff that’s going on here at the moment. I haven’t taken better photos I don’t think, but I am looking at websites with free photo editing software and thinking about trialling one or two.

I have written a list of things I have knitted last year, thinking about Ravelry and there isn’t really anything appropriate to put on Ravelry yet, but I am thinking about it, as I am with Yoga – the DVDs have moved from upstairs to downstairs so that still counts right?! lol!

One thing I have made progress with is the writing. For a long blog post with just writing and no pics, then yes, easily 500 words. But I have written close to 4000 words today and yesterday in an hour a night. I am writing a story that’s been in my head for ages, but we will see if anything comes from it…after all, how can you be a writer if you don’t write?! How can you ever hope to publish a book one day if you don’t put pen to paper and get some words down? So at the moment, the writing is going well.

I am finding that when it comes to writing, just getting down what is in my head is easiest, rather than thinking it through too much and spending ten minutes per sentence. I can always tidy it up later. I think I will write out the whole story or as much of it as possible before I start to properly edit and polish it. But it’s just a tiny snowball at the moment…I will see whether or not it ever becomes a giant one.

The rest of the goals…on my to do list!

Ellen x


7 thoughts on “2017 so far

  1. jessicacrafts

    I think the same with writing. If I’m struggling with how to word something I just have to write it and move on. It’s better to come back later when you’re editing than never get it down! It’s sped me up so much!

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  2. Lindsayrose

    Good luck completing your goals this year! id love to learn how to knit and crochet just been reading some of your posts – looks too difficult for me I’m all fingers and thumbs lol maybe you could do a knitting for dummies post lol xx x

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    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      You should give it a try, it’s a bit awkward at first, but that moment when it all suddenly clicks and you understand what you’re doing- it’s all worth it for that moment! Have a look on Youtube, there’s loads of good tutorials, maybe loom knitting or Tunisian crochet might be easier alternatives? xx

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