Tweed Stitch Crochet

Here is a quick pic today of something which keeps either my ears and head warm or my neck warm, depending on how I wear it! I used James C Brett Marble Chunky for this as I had a bit leftover from another project and I decided to make up a headband on the go.

I used the crochet tweed stitch for this which is a definitely underrated stitch if you ask me – just google it and see what comes up, I think it looks better with different colours so you can see the stitch better.


Stitch to your desired length and then sew up the ends, I just crocheted the ends together as I am usually too impatient for fancy seams like over-sewing or mattress stitch or whatever. Just hold the ends and crochet through both pieces, yes, there’s a bit of a raised edge but I’ve found it helps it stay on my head! And it’s much quicker to sew up too.

I didn’t block it or anything. Coz, you know, can’t always be arsed with that!

Have a crafty weekend, Ellen x