Fairy Doors and Luck Magic

I had a lovely surprise from Trina in the post yesterday, which was even more surprising as I couldn’t figure out who it was from! It must have been cloaked in fairy magic!

A fairy door and a Martenitsa.




Being nicely photo bombed by a tie fighter in the pic above! The fairy door has been placed on my bookshelf for now, my reasoning being fairies will like browsing through the pages of my books as much as I do.

A Martenitsa is a good luck charm worn in March, Bulgarian in origin, I had never heard of one before, so I will have to do some reading up on it! Thanks Trina! 🙂

So that was yesterday, Monday, today I received a voucher I earned in the post so that was nice too!

On Sunday I found and put up again something I lost last year. A lucky horseshoe I have had for YEARS. My dad used to be in a regimental band posted in Germany, which is where I was born and spent the first 6 years or so of my life. I remember sitting in the regimental bar after one of another band members’ child’s Christening and the wife brought in a cake and gave all of the children a little horseshoe off the top of the cake. I have had it blue-tacked up somewhere in my room ever since. I would have been five I think. A good 26 years up!

And then I knocked it under a bookcase last year and only found it again on Sunday. The day after I put it up I receive a fairy door and luck charm in the post, and the day after I get my voucher… so it works!!!!


And R2-D2 has decided to muscle in on this picture! I blame Angela – a bad influence with the Star Wars merchandise! 😉

Ellen x


6 thoughts on “Fairy Doors and Luck Magic

  1. Candelo Blooms

    What a beautiful idea and a great way to start the year! I loved your fairy door- it looks so cute in your bookshelf! – and am intrigued by the concept of martenistas, which I had never heard of either! What a lovely gift! I can see that I am going to have to get busy before the start of March!


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thanks Mrs Blooms! Oh WOW! Those are amazing! I love ’em! I’ll have to show Trina them (she bought me the martenitsa in the first place) so she can see what she’s started! xx


      1. Candelo Blooms

        Thank you! It was so much fun making them and everyone loved them (even though most of the recipients were in Australia and coming into Autumn!). It’s just such a lovely concept, so thank you Trina as well!!! One is even wending its way back over the seas to my daughter in Germany, though it hasn’t arrived yet unfortunately!!! Hopefully, it will get there in the next 24 hours! All the Best with the fairy welcome mat! xxx

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  2. sarucrochet30 Post author

    Yes, spring has sprung here (I was reading an article today saying it has sprung 26 days earlier than usual due to global warming :O ) the lambs are being very loud in the field next to us! I can see the Germans loving this kind of thing, Martenitsas do seem to be very continental! And the Germans are so crafty and creative, I remember going to an Easter craft fair when I was 5 or 6 in Germany and seeing the amount of decorations and eggs was amazing – I’ve always thought the Germans did celebrations and events better than the English! Im sure your daughter will love something crafty made by mummy!!! xx


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