Works In Progress

I am currently working on 4 things at the moment.

-The Knitted Spring Bunting which I have posted about previously.

-Lizzie’s new house blanket which is taking me WAY longer than I expected…sorry!

-The Knitted Wrist-warmers which I have also posted about but I have sort of drifted from this WIP a bit. I WILL finish what I started even if it takes me months to do it.

-The Knitted Crochet Hook Holder. Yes, it’s knitted and it’s for my crochet hooks but you know, knitting seems to be my favourite hobby now. Since that’s ALL I have blogged about lately…I am just surprised how easy it is and how I have taken to it!

I have already knitted the main body of it. Need to block it and then sew the inside where the hooks will go, but that will take just an hour or two.

Here is a little pic.



The fabrics are just fat quarters from a pack and the wool is Carnival Chunky 2483 Venice – I think that’s Style craft? Obviously I threw the label away and had to look it up online…I think this is it here…

So…that’s what’s on my needles at the moment!

Ellen xx



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