Crochet Scarf

What is my favourite wool I hear you ask…

It is James C Brett Marble Chunky…any shade! It’s 100% acrylic and comes in 200g balls. I have used it for scarves, iPhone holders, blankets…. I love it, it’s my fave.

And the scarf I am using this season? Yes, that’s James C Brett too!

I crocheted it last year, so I can’t remember the exact pattern, but it just goes to show how fast crochet can be compared to knitting because I managed it in an evening! It uses the v-stitch (treble, chain, treble) and I would have measured from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my little finger stretched out for the width since I don’t like really wide scarves. And I would have used the whole ball.



I don’t normally go for light, bright, pastel colours, so this darker, more autumnal shade is me all over!

It does stretch a bit because the stitches aren’t close together like in knitting, but it is soooooo warm!

But that’s what I’m wearing this year…I did knit myself a scarf last year, a grey James C Brett Marble one (not chunky, maybe DK weight?) but I STILL haven’t got around to blocking it and it has curled around the edges. Once I get around to straightening it, then I will be able to say I have a knitted scarf! It was the first thing I ever completed in knitting so I should be more proactive about showing it off shouldn’t I?!!

A couple of years ago I made a cowl with the same wool but a different shade.


I think I posted about it ages ago anyway, but I love the colours and shades from this range, the greys and purples especially, so if you fancy a new wool for a simple scarf or blanket, James C Brett Marble Chunky is definitely the way forward.

The one above I used puff stitch and v-stitch together. I adapted it from a book called Crochet Workshop by Erika Knight (one of my favourite crochet designers ever). I also made my mum a scarf with this pattern, I just didn’t join it together.

Have a good day, Ellen xx


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