Knitted Spring Bunting

For almost the entirety of my life I have been an Autumn/ Winter person. My birthday is at the end of October, then there’s Halloween, then Bonfire Night, then Christmas. So, it’s always been a time of year with lots going on. But it wasn’t just the things, it was the feel of Winter I loved. The dark days and bleak weather, the fire on, a cup of tea in hand, a book by my side, fairy lights, relaxing music, TV OFF! You get the picture….

Summer was OK but Spring was always boring. The pastel colours were average, the symbolism sickening – eggs = new life = get me my sick bag!

Now…I am fed up of the dark. I want the light and going out in a jumper or t-shirt not woolly (handmade) scarf and winter coat. I want summer shoes and windows open and birds singing and bright, happy colours now that the dark reds, gold and fir greens are over with.

To that end I have started a quick and easy bright project which I shall call my Spring Bunting.

Knitted spring bunting on the go...Jan 2017

Knitted spring bunting on the go…Jan 2017

Pink, green, yellow and pale blue.

Knitted in case it wasn’t obvious (sorry about the bad lighting…obviously I waited until all the natural light had gone to take the pic!).

So, that is my new project / what I am working on craft wise. I have also knitted myself a crochet hook holder and am just sorting out the sewing bits to do.

Have a good weekend, Ellen x


9 thoughts on “Knitted Spring Bunting

  1. Kit Dunsmore

    I tend to knit bright colors in the winter, when everything is gray. Actually I knit bright colors most of the time. I just like them. But I know what you mean about being in the mood for the colors you are working with. I definitely go through phases where I want to be doing something specific. Can’t wait to see what you make.


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