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Motown Jingle Bells

Just a quick post today…

2 songs from Stan Kenton and the Boston Brass Band

First up…Motown Jingle Bells…I dare you to be unhappy after listening to this – it’s the funkiest version you’ll ever hear!

And the second? The version of greensleeves to beat all others…


November’s gone!


It’s been a while since I last posted…a whole month has gone by!

I have been busy beavering away at craftiness…some more crafty than others…but first…

At the beginning of November my friend Trina came to stay for a couple of nights…it was lovely seeing her after so long…we met in Thailand when we both did a teaching placement there…but that’s a WHOLE different post though! I am sooo glad I didn’t have pigs being slaughtered behind my accommodation like she did…and then some!

We went to Fountains Abbey which is about half an hour away from me. It’s the go to place to take people I think…and also good to catch up over a scone and tea.

Here’s Trina!



Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey


So yay Trina!

I have also been busy knitting – it’s getting to the point where I can spot when something is wrong with a pattern, like with these wristwarmers I’m currently knitting. The first 20 rows of single rib = not a problem. But the main pattern did NOT turn out like the picture so I unravelled it and altered it and it still didn’t work so after an hour of frustration I decided to look through other books and magazines and am now doing a simple basket-weave pattern.


The yarn is Stylecraft Cabaret shade 3570 sunset and was a gift from my friend Lizzie – thanks! One ball should be enough for a pair but we shall have to see! I love the colours in this and it sparkles!

I also finished a knitted gift a few days ago from Knitting Magazine which had quite a few patterns I would make…normally there is only a couple I would realistically see myself making and wearing but there were quite a few good ones in this mag. I like the xmas trees which I thought could be done in 2 different sizes and colours and used as tags or maybe bunting. No pictures of that or the duplicate of it I am making as someone might see it!

I’m also knitting a blanket for someone and trying to find the perfect snowman pattern for mum to take to her work.

And now? To sort out what arrived from Amazon yesterday…sounds exciting…except it’s antivirus so let’s see how fast my internet wants to work today – I’m thinking slow!

Have a good night

Ellen x