Happy Things

A whole week without posting…this is what I have been up to in the last week…

Reading OM Yoga magazine http://www.ommagazine.com/

I quite like this magazine, in particular the amazing spaces section (which is an odd choice maybe) but I like to see what the inside of yoga studios around the world look like and the one in this months’ copy I think I could quite happily live in!

And I just realised as I am writing this that I have bought and read a magazine about Yoga without actually doing any for a while! Kind of a Sheldon Cooper approach to things isn’t it?!!

Hygge-ing Candles, candles, candles! Burning my birthday candle…burning tealights…burning homemade candles…seriously wondering where I put my candle making supplies! Candles have always made me happy 🙂 There is a candle makers about half an hour away from me called White Rose Candles…on this link they show you how they make some of their candles and I just find it really interesting (and far more advanced than my heat it up in a pan and pour in a mould!) I may have shown this before, can’t remember! http://www.yorkshirenet.co.uk/craftgde/whiterosecandles/

Bath bombs! 🙂

Lots of cake and chocolate!

Shopping – in the sale at Dorothy Perkins bought myself 3 tops and 2 pairs of earrings. Not bad for under £25. Also bought WOOL for a new project and some xmas material for little projects. Have got wise and ordered just half a metre as fabric can get expensive if you don’t use it all up and let the scraps go to waste. I’m thinking mini stockings but we’ll have to see.

Birthday – thanks for my prezzies everyone! 🙂

Crochet – the first crochet of the season…nay of the year! 2 little pumpkins with free wool from a knitting magazine…whilst I will happily knit a whale or ladybird bag, little tiny rabbits and deer were too fiddly for me so the wool will be used for pumpkins instead…even if it is a bugger to work with. And they don’t take long to make.

Baking – Mary Berry’s shortbread so good I had to eat the majority of it.

Still waiting for £20 vouchers from Toluna…4 weeks later which is unusual…they are usually a bit quicker than this. Got things to buy people, can we hurry it along!!

Forget stash-busting…in the past couple of weeks I have stash -biggered! Yes, that’s a word. Needles, double pointed needles, wool (thanks Lizzie!), fabric, magazines.

Researching – how to make home made bath bombs, soaps etc., how to knit round baubles, Pinterest randoms, bullet journals – apparently they are big now but I just know that the first 2 pages of mine would be awesome and the rest a bit of a chore so not sure atm, how to publish on Amazon Kindle site…

Donating – Oxfam took 3 big bags of random crap last week. Books, embroidery hoops and frames, cd’s, dvd’s…

Making lists. Just because.

Well, that was lately…and tomorrow? I’m sure I’ll think of something!

Have a good weekend…Ellen x