Too much Hygge

What happens when you hygge too much? With a homemade candle or two? When you blow them out before dinner?

The fire alarm goes off and deafens everyone! Doh!


But on the plus side I figured out how to make it stop which means I am technowizz, right?!!!


6 thoughts on “Too much Hygge

  1. madgeface

    Hygge! I’d not heard of that before now – thank you for introducing me to the term! I do that year-round, but it’s best when temperatures are cooler. And the fire alarm? I refer to it as our dinner bell because I’m forever setting it off with searing meat or cooking bacon.


  2. hyggejem

    Laughing here…. I’ve set the smoke alarm off with my cooking before now, but not my hygge candles… not yet. I mustn’t be lighting enough, must I?


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