Knitted Robin

My mother bought me a surprise present last week, the latest issue of Let’s Knit Magazine.

The free gift was a Christmas booklet and yarn with patterns for a Santa, Reindeer, Robin and a few things like socks and gloves.

I chose the robin because mum said she would take it to work if I made it for her. I’m still practicing the finishing of objects which I feel is where my skills need to be improved but it doesn’t look too bad, even though I used 4mm needles instead of 3.25mm (*gasps in horror*).

Maybe this is why he has a bit of a Mohican on his head?!!



So, do I do another robin, now that I have bought the correct size needles (why has every free kit needed the diddly sized needles?!) or do I try the reindeer or Santa? I usually have no patience with small fiddly makes like crocheted amigurumi, but I am finding I am quite liking the knitted ones, even though they are not as ‘streamlined’ as the crochet versions. Maybe because knitting is still so new?

Who knows? Or cares?!!

Next project? Finish the bunting. And more Christmas makes.

Hope you’re having a good weekend! Ellen x


4 thoughts on “Knitted Robin

    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      I think crocheted little toys look better, but I can never seem to sew them up very well, so they always look a bit twisted!
      The knitted ones are really easy because I can get away with a few more mistakes! x

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