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Hello and Happy October to you all!

The nights are drawing in, the fire has been switched on for the first time this autumn, my candle is on at the moment (how very hygge-lish of me!), and best of all…mother returned from work yesterday with the Christmas edition of Let’s Knit magazine as a surprise! So, now I have to knit a robin for her with the free kit, but that’s ok…I can do that kind of thing now!

Have you ever visited a blog called ? Sometimes the lovely lady who writes it has a feature called Taking Stock where she summarises what she has been reading / up to.

So, in a similar vein of things I thought I would share what I have been doing too.


My new favourite site.

Facebook you can take a hike. Instagram you’re pretty to look at but not that memorable. Snapchat – I have never met you so can’t insult you!

But Pinterest? You are awesome!

I see things and the boards just keep growing and growing! Job hunting, writing stuff, recipes, hygge things, funny things, sewing things, crochet and knitting things, Christmas things, Halloween things, Yoga and the good life things…

And so it was that yesterday that I made my first things that came directly from there…a mincemeat pastry Christmas tree. But before you start panicking…don’t! I only made it because the puff pastry was about to go out of date and we had a spare jar of mincemeat from last year. There are no pics coz although it was tasty, it looked a right mess! But here is the link…it says to use Nutella, but ew…gross!–pastry-christmas-tree.aspx

If you have kids this would be a good project to try this winter.

If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet…you should! I have found so many good sites and blogged and have had some crazy ideas for projects after being inspired on here.


I am currently reading 20,000 leagues under the sea by Jules Verne. It’s slow going. That’s all I can say…but I WILL finish it. I am rarely if ever, defeated by a book and I will not be defeated by Captain Nemo of all people!


3 blogs I have started reading / following recently

You should definitely head on over to have a look at these lovely blogs!

My blog

I have been thinking about this blog recently. It started as a way to learn a new skill, to write, to read and connect with other people’s blogs, to share (maybe overshare sometimes?!!), to keep a record of what I have been up to. I have tended to focus on stuff I have made, stuff I have read or would like to read and totally random stuff that I have written or have found.

But I know it is kind of drifting in it’s direction a bit.

Maybe I need to define the goals of this blog anymore, but I quite like the general-ness of it, even if it isn’t exactly the most riveting read all the time! We all think our babies are the only beautiful ones don’t we?

I have been looking for free courses in blogging and improving blogging and here again for tips and inspiration, Pinterest is coming up trumps. I even noticed the Pinterest  link was broken on my sidebar and managed to fix that the other day after looking at what widgets I was using.

So, not a definite something here, but definitely something to think about for the future.

Clearing and sorting

Digital files deleted, emails deleted, spammers blocked and reported (HILARIOUS conversation with a spammer which took her ages to figure out I knew she was spamming me and wasn’t going to give out any details…she got quite ratty at the end with my vague answers and me answering her questions with questions of my own…the Ellen charm…LOL).

Packed up 2 big boxes of German, French, Japanese, Italian, and other language related grammar books. My heart is crying but the shelf looks better and less cluttered. It’s like Finding Nemo where the shark is saying FISH ARE FRIENDS. I always think the same about books  – BOOKS ARE FRIENDS (Yes, even grammar ones)!


Am making time to write a little every day. Aiming for 500 words which is nothing, but after re-doing cv, spending ages on covering letters, looking at applications, I just don’t want to look at the computer screen for longer than I have to. So, 500 words it is for now, with the eventual aim of 1000 a day.

NaNoWriMo is coming up soon but that’s not why I’m doing this. Eventually I would like to self publish a book and I have lots of ideas for some topics / themes. But we shall have to see. I do like writing…after clearing out a few boxes under my bed and taking 3 bags to the charity shop the other day, I found a typed up copy of a short story I wrote in my teens called The Adventures of Harry Hare. It’s interesting to see how I have progressed in my writing style now and also to see how my sense of humour has developed – I am totally seeing the influence of Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett and the like in there. Maybe I should type it here, who knows? Did you know that a book called The Carpet People was written by Terry Pratchett when he was a teenager and then revised and published by him as an adult many years later? It’s one of my favourite books, you should have a read if you can, very droll and creative!


7 books out this time. 2 knitting books, so shall have to see if anything worth asking for, for Christmas, or at the very least trying a new stitch pattern. Also a book for Yoga for Runners…hmm it’s interesting to see the sport side of Yoga, but I think that’s just pretty pictures for me at the mo!


It’s all books and reading and writing at the moment isn’t it? There has also been knitting, candles, designing, learning, and stuff going on but this post is turning into a book in itself.

Hope you have a productive and inspiring week!

Ellen xx


4 thoughts on “Things this week

  1. madgeface

    Thank you for mentioning my blog! I should start writing every day, and I don’t mean just the blog, I have story ideas that come and go before I do anything about them; that’s no way to be a writer. Ah well, at least I’ve been consistently blogging. 🙂


  2. hyggejem

    Thank you for mentioning my blog! It’s lovely to know people are enjoying what you write, isn’t it? I like your round up of life. Pinterest is a fascinating rabbit hole for me; I go on for 5 minutes to look for one thing and two hours later (if I’m lucky!) I come off to go to bed! Addiictive, or what? I’m on Pinterest and Instagram as well… links on my blog!


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      You’re welcome!
      It took me ages to join Pinterest but now I have there’s no going back!
      I think to myself I’ll just look at some job ideas, or writing prompts and before I know it I am pinning how to make a bullet journal or do Halloween crafts for kids…I don’t even have kids!! x

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