Brrr, Its Cold Outside!!

Well…….maybe not just yet but it soon will be, morning and evening temps are already taking a dip.  Winter weather can be a big threat to people living on the Rez in substandard housing and without adequate food and clothing to keep them warm.  Many find it difficult to find the money to pay for propane, wood or electricity and without electric they have no way to keep a pot of soup going on the stove or make hot drinks to help warm their body.  Some parents say they have trouble getting their kids out of a warm bed in the morning to get ready for school because the house is so cold.

For the next 3 months SFK will have an ongoing Warm For Winter project for the three areas we support:  Wanblee community and  surrounding areas, Marty Indian school in Marty, SD and the Martin area which includes the Sacred Shawl Society’s domestic abuse shelter and the My Space youth center.  Some of…

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One thought on “Brrr, Its Cold Outside!!

  1. sarucrochet30 Post author

    Was a little eager in my re-blogging so pressed the button before writing a comment! Doh! I blame technology absolutely!

    If you haven’t seen this blog, please have a look and see if you can help, either by sewing and making or donating. I love seeing what people have knitted/ sewed/ crocheted for these projects.

    Their address is and is well worth a visit. I love reading about the Highhorses – very inspirational people!


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