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Knitting Christmas Baubles

Happy Sunday everybody!

Found this on Youtube thought I would share. I really want to make one of these and I even bought some dpns the other week, but I just can’t get my head around knitting in the round yet…I’m sure I will figure it out though.

I have a pattern for these which I got free with a magazine recently (I think it was Let’s Knit) and it’s good to see the creators of the pattern actually making them although I think I need a slower and more simpler tutorial…coz I am a slow and simple person lol!

But anyway…aren’t these two just the sweetest?!


Happy Things

A whole week without posting…this is what I have been up to in the last week…

Reading OM Yoga magazine

I quite like this magazine, in particular the amazing spaces section (which is an odd choice maybe) but I like to see what the inside of yoga studios around the world look like and the one in this months’ copy I think I could quite happily live in!

And I just realised as I am writing this that I have bought and read a magazine about Yoga without actually doing any for a while! Kind of a Sheldon Cooper approach to things isn’t it?!!

Hygge-ing Candles, candles, candles! Burning my birthday candle…burning tealights…burning homemade candles…seriously wondering where I put my candle making supplies! Candles have always made me happy 🙂 There is a candle makers about half an hour away from me called White Rose Candles…on this link they show you how they make some of their candles and I just find it really interesting (and far more advanced than my heat it up in a pan and pour in a mould!) I may have shown this before, can’t remember!

Bath bombs! 🙂

Lots of cake and chocolate!

Shopping – in the sale at Dorothy Perkins bought myself 3 tops and 2 pairs of earrings. Not bad for under £25. Also bought WOOL for a new project and some xmas material for little projects. Have got wise and ordered just half a metre as fabric can get expensive if you don’t use it all up and let the scraps go to waste. I’m thinking mini stockings but we’ll have to see.

Birthday – thanks for my prezzies everyone! 🙂

Crochet – the first crochet of the season…nay of the year! 2 little pumpkins with free wool from a knitting magazine…whilst I will happily knit a whale or ladybird bag, little tiny rabbits and deer were too fiddly for me so the wool will be used for pumpkins instead…even if it is a bugger to work with. And they don’t take long to make.

Baking – Mary Berry’s shortbread so good I had to eat the majority of it.

Still waiting for £20 vouchers from Toluna…4 weeks later which is unusual…they are usually a bit quicker than this. Got things to buy people, can we hurry it along!!

Forget stash-busting…in the past couple of weeks I have stash -biggered! Yes, that’s a word. Needles, double pointed needles, wool (thanks Lizzie!), fabric, magazines.

Researching – how to make home made bath bombs, soaps etc., how to knit round baubles, Pinterest randoms, bullet journals – apparently they are big now but I just know that the first 2 pages of mine would be awesome and the rest a bit of a chore so not sure atm, how to publish on Amazon Kindle site…

Donating – Oxfam took 3 big bags of random crap last week. Books, embroidery hoops and frames, cd’s, dvd’s…

Making lists. Just because.

Well, that was lately…and tomorrow? I’m sure I’ll think of something!

Have a good weekend…Ellen x

Game of Star Thrones Wars

Hold up people! I have just realised something.

Game of Thrones has LIGHTSABRES?!!!!!!

I would have seen it a lot sooner if I had known that! Is that why it is so popular? Because it isn’t just House of Stark…it’s House of Skywalker!

Hmm do you think I am getting distracted here?

I think so…have a good weekend everyone! xx

Too much Hygge

What happens when you hygge too much? With a homemade candle or two? When you blow them out before dinner?

The fire alarm goes off and deafens everyone! Doh!


But on the plus side I figured out how to make it stop which means I am technowizz, right?!!!

Knitted Robin

My mother bought me a surprise present last week, the latest issue of Let’s Knit Magazine.

The free gift was a Christmas booklet and yarn with patterns for a Santa, Reindeer, Robin and a few things like socks and gloves.

I chose the robin because mum said she would take it to work if I made it for her. I’m still practicing the finishing of objects which I feel is where my skills need to be improved but it doesn’t look too bad, even though I used 4mm needles instead of 3.25mm (*gasps in horror*).

Maybe this is why he has a bit of a Mohican on his head?!!



So, do I do another robin, now that I have bought the correct size needles (why has every free kit needed the diddly sized needles?!) or do I try the reindeer or Santa? I usually have no patience with small fiddly makes like crocheted amigurumi, but I am finding I am quite liking the knitted ones, even though they are not as ‘streamlined’ as the crochet versions. Maybe because knitting is still so new?

Who knows? Or cares?!!

Next project? Finish the bunting. And more Christmas makes.

Hope you’re having a good weekend! Ellen x

Soundtracks and Suchlike

If you know anything about me, you will know I love listening to movie and TV soundtracks. I’m talking the score here, not the songs.

I think soundtracks can convey a greater range and amount of emotion than most classical music, which can sometimes feel a bit jarring to me to listen to. OK soundtracks are written to a brief for a specific scene in a film and so have to put the emotional point across in often only a short space of time. But there are some tracks I could listen to over and over.

I like science fiction and action movies so I don’t listen to many rom com soundtracks, but even if a film is only average in plot or acting, often the film score will get overlooked.

Here are a few links to get you started. (These are what I have found on Youtube, obviously I don’t own the copyright to any of the tracks – they are what are freely available on Youtube just by searching for the show or film.)

Yes, it’s Game of Thrones, this is my favourite track from season 6.

Ever seen The Last Samurai? You should! In my opinion it is Tom Cruise’s best film and the score is amazing. Keep listening to the end for this track…it’s well worth it.

I saw the film Brave on Christmas Day either last year or the year before (yes, I am a big kid -so what?!).

Jupiter Ascending. Mostly a terrible film – the plot and dialogue is atrocious and don’t get me started on a guy with an elephant’s face flying a spaceship. But the world building and effects are alright. And the music, whilst off key and odd has it’s moments like this track.

Did you see the reboot of Battlestar Galactica a few years ago? Don’t let the genre fool you. It was pretty good. I struggled to pick just one track here, so here is the love theme for President Roslin and Admiral Adama.

What would a list like this be without the master or composers, John Williams? This is from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back. It’s Yoda, what more do I have to say?!

And finally, V for Vendetta. I love this film. It must have been the easiest make up for a film Hugo Weaving ever had to do since he never took his mask off!

OK , so there are a hell of a lot more I could have picked and yes, you are all correct. I am a huge, complete, giant nerd.

And do you know what? I bloody love it!

I have tried to steer away from the more obvious themes, sometimes it’s a little short track on an album that catches your eye (your ear?) and then you play it to death. Luckily these haven’t died for me yet!

Any I have missed? Ellen x

Halloween Ideas

It’s getting towards that time of the year again.

Here is a little list of things to get you creating and crafting away this Halloween (or Samhain – whatever you call it!). They are on my Pinterest board titled Halloween Inspiration in case you can’t get the links to work or want to quickly look them up again.

Halloween – Best Treats and Recipes

Halloween Marshmallow Pops





That’s what we used to say as kids in my day when we went trick or treating…