Knitted needle holder

Time for another crafty share…golly gosh I have been busy at the needles lately!

This one was a gift for a friend, everyone should get something handmade every now and then! I made it for Lizzie and it’s to keep her knitting needles in…see, I am encouraging you to pick up your needles again in a subtle and yet not-so-subtle way.

I knitted it in Stylecraft Carnival Chunky shade 2490 Cadiz and I only needed one ball.  I used 5mm needles and just worked in stocking stitch until it was just a bit longer than the needles and then I cast off and with the yarn I had left I cast on 7 stitches and worked in moss stitch until it was long enough to wrap around the case.




Just ignore the crocheted blanket in the background…it kind of takes over the pictures! :O Hope you liked it Lizzie! Now I have another ball spare, so I’m thinking I might make myself a crochet hook holder for me…and this will be knitted as well but won’t take as long since crochet hooks aren’t as long as knitting needles! 🙂

It was quick and easy to do and shows what you can do with just one ball of wool!

Hope you’re all up to crafty goodness this week!

Ellen x


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