Free Sweets

A few months ago I signed up for Free Sweets, a website where you get sweets or chocolate for either signing up for newsletters or deals, or possibly for answering surveys.

I only used them once but here is the proof that occasionally you CAN get something for free!


Yes people, that is a grand total, a whopping, a MEGA…ONE BAR OF CHOCOLATE!

I can’t remember what newsletter I signed up for but I got a heck of a load of spammy crap through my inbox as a result. A good tip is if you are going to sign up for crap like this,  then get a new e-mail account especially for it!

On a similar note, a short while ago I got free muesli and a free fruit squash squirt drink through completing food surveys with Toluna. I have never been chosen to test their products from the main site…BUT if you complete lots of food surveys, then occasionally you might get the chance to test some products that way (and then you know you are getting another survey guaranteed when you have to review the product).

And speaking of Toluna I have at this moment my highest number of points ever…187,073!

Which if you check out their rewards section, means I can get 2 Amazon vouchers for £20 each very soon (just need to get up to 214,000 points).

It hasn’t taken me long at all to get this far, this time around. I like Toluna better than Swagbucks, it’s more streamlined and quicker to use.

Just a quick share

Happy Monday!

Ellen x


2 thoughts on “Free Sweets

  1. theweehouseofcrochet

    Ha ha!! This post made me laugh! It’s almost all a scam isn’t it, just to get your details, I was hunting high and low for a crochet pattern, I found it, but to get it I had to follow a particular blog, well since then I’ve been spammed to high heaven and the pattern was pants!


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