Knitted Ladybird

It’s official – I am now addicted to knitting!

And if you ever saw a design for a book cover in one of your old summer crafty magazines and suddenly decided to adapt it into a little bag, then I think you would be too.

I made a slight mistake in that I started with the black when I should have finished with it (not understanding at that point that the stitches would be upside down other wise) but it’s not noticeable I think.


I think I cast on 50 stitches and worked 10 rows garter stitch in black. Then carried on in red in stocking stitch until it was as long as I wanted then cast off and sewed up the side seam before adding crochet spots and wiggly eyes.

It doesn’t look too bad for a novice knitter!

I am reading the latest issue of Let’s Knit at the moment and am thinking about having a go at the dragon in the free kit. Don’t think I have 3.25mm needles though – I have bamboo ones which were free with a magazine years ago, but after having a go with them I have decided it’s metal needles all the way! Think I will donate the thin and awkward needles to a charity shop one day when there is a bag to go.

Just a short post today, more soon.

Ellen x


2 thoughts on “Knitted Ladybird

  1. Twillingart

    Good for you-this is great. It’s very intimidating to adapt a pattern! What’s up the googly eyes? Are they stick on or sewn on. Posting googly eyes around the community is one of my favourite ways to get crafty on an unscheduled weekend but the idea of being able to sew them on to my knitfitti is incredibly energizing!


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      They are just plastic clip on safety eyes, but they are definitely a new favourite of mine…they didn’t come with the pack, I already had several packets of googly eyes…they were just waiting for the right project! x

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