Knitted Whale – I name thee Willard!

How do you know when you are advancing / improving in a craft?

For me, a new knitter since this spring, it is knowing how to increase and decrease. FINALLY, I understand the theory behind skpo, kfb and k2tog…and it wasn’t even that difficult to figure out!

So…what to do with these new found powers?


No, that’s not a euphemism for a large sweater or anything. I got the latest issue of Simply Knitting magazine yesterday and saw the free gift, which was an underwater choice of a whale, a starfish or an octopus. The other two looked really fiddly and awkward but the whale looked do-able. And there was a very satisfying moment after I had sewn the two halves together and I turned it the right way out and oh look! It worked! The fins are where they are supposed to be and he looks whale shaped! Success!

Whale…I name thee Willard! Long may you travel the seas and oceans and may you have many exciting and action packed adventures….

Hmmm he’ll need some friends to go adventuring with… *lightbulb moment*




As you can see Willard was enjoying his new found existence by sunbathing which is pretty extreme for any whale as you already know.

Till next time

Ellen x


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    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thank you Mrs Blooms! Well, it’s autumn here so I’m thinking more crochet pumpkins for a change as I haven’t done any crochet for a while. I’m also doing some knitted bunting in pretty colours but I got bored of the repetition so I will have to get back to that soon! xx

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