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Terry Pratchett Quotes

Just a quick one today…

Found this list of Terry Pratchett quotes online, thought you’d like to have a look. I love reading the Discworld books, I read my first one ‘Pyramids’ when I was about 12 or 13. I’ve also read a few of his non Discworld books and I love The Carpet People.

And the quotes? Number 36 is my favourite I think!

See what you think…a very clever man was Mr Pratchett.

Ellen x


Knitted needle holder

Time for another crafty share…golly gosh I have been busy at the needles lately!

This one was a gift for a friend, everyone should get something handmade every now and then! I made it for Lizzie and it’s to keep her knitting needles in…see, I am encouraging you to pick up your needles again in a subtle and yet not-so-subtle way.

I knitted it in Stylecraft Carnival Chunky shade 2490 Cadiz and I only needed one ball.  I used 5mm needles and just worked in stocking stitch until it was just a bit longer than the needles and then I cast off and with the yarn I had left I cast on 7 stitches and worked in moss stitch until it was long enough to wrap around the case.




Just ignore the crocheted blanket in the background…it kind of takes over the pictures! :O Hope you liked it Lizzie! Now I have another ball spare, so I’m thinking I might make myself a crochet hook holder for me…and this will be knitted as well but won’t take as long since crochet hooks aren’t as long as knitting needles! ūüôā

It was quick and easy to do and shows what you can do with just one ball of wool!

Hope you’re all up to crafty goodness this week!

Ellen x

Free Sweets

A few months ago I signed up for Free Sweets, a website where you get sweets or chocolate for either signing up for newsletters or deals, or possibly for answering surveys.

I only used them once but here is the proof that occasionally you CAN get something for free!


Yes people, that is a grand total, a whopping, a MEGA…ONE BAR OF CHOCOLATE!

I can’t remember what newsletter I signed up for but I got a heck of a load of spammy crap through my inbox as a result. A good tip is¬†if you are going to sign up for crap like this,¬† then get a new e-mail account especially for it!

On a similar note, a short while ago I got free muesli and a¬†free fruit squash squirt drink through completing food surveys with Toluna. I have never been chosen to test their products from the main site…BUT if you complete lots of food surveys, then occasionally you might get the chance to test some products that way (and then you know you are getting another survey guaranteed when you have to review the product).

And speaking of Toluna I have at this moment my highest number of points ever…187,073!

Which if you check out their rewards section, means I can get 2 Amazon vouchers for £20 each very soon (just need to get up to 214,000 points).

It hasn’t taken me long at all to get this far, this time around. I like Toluna better than Swagbucks, it’s more streamlined and quicker to use.

Just a quick share

Happy Monday!

Ellen x

Ravelry Questions

No pics or updates this time, instead I have some questions for you.

I have a varied yet creative collection of hobbies and I know a lot of readers of this blog do too. I like reading, writing, blogging, baking, sewing, candle making, cross-stitching and so on.

I also like to knit and crochet and it’s getting to the point where I would like to start designing my own patterns. In truth I already have lots of times. I have made about 7 or 8 blankets and never followed a pattern. I have made 100s of scarves and never followed a pattern. Most of the time things appear in my mind and get made!

But I never write the patterns down.

I was just wondering…

Is anyone who reads this blog on Ravelry? (It’s basically Facebook for people who knit and crochet).

If so…

  • Do you design and sell your own patterns on there?
  • Is it easy to do?
  • Roughly how many patterns do you sell each month?
  • What kind of patterns sell best? Hats, Shawls…
  • I know Ravelry take 3.5.% of what you make each month (depending on circumstances etc.) and I know you have to pay taxes on top of that…is what you make worth it? (see, I’m not being rude and asking how much you make every month!)
  • Do you offer free patterns as well as selling them?
  • How much time do you invest in updating your profiles, dealing with enquiries, dealing with issues / refunds / problems etc?
  • I’m in the UK and would have to pay VAT and any European Union (for now!!!!) extras too. Any thoughts on people in the UK who sell on Ravelry?


  • If you are not a designer, but buy from Ravelry, how much realistically would you be prepared to spend on a pattern? (I know it depends on what you are buying)

Those are just a few questions I have been thinking about.

I would appreciate any thoughts you have. And you never know, you might get some ideas from the answers too!

Thanks a bunch

Ellen x

Knitted Ladybird

It’s official – I am now addicted to knitting!

And if you ever saw a design for a book cover in one of your old summer crafty magazines and suddenly decided to adapt it into a little bag, then I think you would be too.

I made a slight mistake in that I started with the black when I should have finished with it (not understanding at that point that the stitches would be upside down other wise) but it’s not noticeable I think.


I think I cast on 50 stitches and worked 10 rows garter stitch in black. Then carried on in red in stocking stitch until it was as long as I wanted then cast off and sewed up the side seam before adding crochet spots and wiggly eyes.

It doesn’t look too bad for a novice knitter!

I am reading the latest issue of Let’s Knit at the moment and am thinking about having a go at the dragon in the free kit. Don’t think I have 3.25mm needles though – I have bamboo ones which were free with a magazine years ago, but after having a go with them I have decided it’s metal needles all the way! Think I will donate the thin and awkward needles to a charity shop one day when there is a bag to go.

Just a short post today, more soon.

Ellen x

100 POSTS!

In honour of this being my 100th post I thought I would have a little recap on what I have learned blogging so far: –

When I first started this blog I had assumed all sorts of terrible things about blogging. Oh no! I would have to learn to code and do html stuff and create stuff myself – :O! Well, obviously that didn’t happen! It’s not as scary as it first seems when all you have to do is drag and click! I am quite liking being able to ‘create’ my own site online. It may not be the most interesting or visually stunning but as a personal project I am finding I like writing and sharing more than I thought I would.

There are still things I need to work on such as my photography skills which are severely lacking! Also one day I may upgrade to a paid platform which will allow me to have more creative freedom and control over the look of the site, but for now the free option is working just fine. I think I need to work on the content a little more as well as it does seem to be drifting a little bit, a bit random in the direction it’s going, but again, that’s not too bad at the moment as this is more of a diary than anything else…it’s not like it’s a business and I’m making money from it or anything.

I am finding I like reading other people’s¬†blogs too which I didn’t expect when I first started blogging. I particularly like the crafty ones like knitting, crochet and sewing, as well as the environmentally friendly ones, like homesteading, allotments etc. Was it Stephen King who wrote if you don’t have time read then you don’t have time to write? I do have about 7 or 8 favourite blogs that I keep coming back to every so often, and it’s nice to see the new ones pop up too.

In the future I think more projects, more challenges and more experience with the technical stuff (like graphics and what not). Maybe tutorials and I keep saying recipes and not delivering too.

Well, that’s all for now. Here’s to another 100 posts!

Thanks for reading,

Ellen x

Books to read

In the past year and a half I have managed to get my reading list down to about half of what it was. I haven’t read much since January but I am getting back in the swing of things now.

I have come across a challenge online which is to read what you have. I have been doing this already as I went through a period about a decade ago of buying up classics when they only cost about ¬£1 or ¬£1.50 each. Penguin used to do them really cheap…not any more alas!

So here is what I have left to do…

  9. ROB ROY

As you can see some quite thick volumes here so I wont be narrowing down the list anytime soon. But I have managed a few big ones recently.

Bleak House by Charles Dickens – quite good although there could have been just a little more excitement and more of the romance between Esther and Mr Wood-something (Woodcourt? Woodhouse?) and now I understand the reference to the ‘growlery’ that my friend Lizzie used to talk about years ago

Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne – ok again could have been more excitement…and maybe a bit more courage from the narrator

Moby Dick by Herman Melville – for an adventure story there is surprisingly little adventure…it reads more like a textbook in some parts and the ending is rushed. In fact the most exciting part is at the beginning when the hero and the savage share a bed together!! – no funny business except smoking a pipe – not a euphemism there either!

So the last three classics read recently were average in my opinion. But at least I can say I have read them and can tick them off my list Рand because I am still on a decluttering drive, once I have enough books to fill a bag I will donate them to a charity shop in a few months. I have already cleared out another shelf on my bookcase although the danger with that is that it becomes a dumping ground for all sorts of crap!

Till next time

Ellen x