Roundup Time

I haven’t posted much for a few days because I’ve been reading quite a bit, both books and blogs, and getting to grips with Pinterest. Which I am liking more and more each day I have to admit.

So here is a quick roundup of what I have been reading/ watching:

DARTH TRUMP! OMG you have to see this I laughed so hard…Donald Trump dubbed perfectly over Darth Vader…You’re Fired (as he chokes someone).

This article was really interesting to me as charcoal making is something I have wanted to try for a long time. A totally random longing, I know…!

This whopper of a post has 200 ways to make money online…definitely some good ideas here.

My parents got me a cheesemaking set for Christmas which I have yet to try out. This post has lots of pics and shows how to make mozzarella cheese.

A fantastic list of places to look if you’re interested in publishing an e-book

A weird combination of sites but that’s a good thing, right?