I knit therefore I am!


Been a while since I last posted I know! They say that bloggers sometimes hit a bit of a slump about 6 months into blogging which is what I think has happened to me. So, after spending almost 2 hours sorting out issues with Apple today (phonecalls, updating stuff, troubleshooting EVERYTHING) I decided to get back into the blogging routine now that I can actually ACCESS my photos and stuff.

Thought I would show a few projects I have been doing / learning lately…


OK I wont be making a sweater anytime soon, but after years of thinking I couldn’t do it, it was just too hard, didn’t understand the stitches etc…I decided to Youtube a few basic stitches and was hooked (excuse the bad pun).

I made a grey scarf and a grey blanket as well as a few other little practice things. The grey scarf was made with James C Brett Marble Acrylic and the grey blanket was made with the Marble Chunky version of the wool. I like James C Brett Marble Chunky, I think it has to be one of my favourite yarns because it’s thick which means less time to complete a project, easy to use and knits up really nicely. Also, I really like the range of colours in the Marble Chunky series.

Here is the scarf. 50 Stitches across. 1st and last 5 stitches are just knit. the ones in between stocking stitch. My own design which means simple lol!



It still needs blocking but I am quite pleased with it!

And below is the blanket. It’s not massive and used only 3 balls of the marble chunky wool. But I used CIRCULAR NEEDLES! Not difficult at all!




I am no photographer so please excuse the naff photos…no eye for staging or light sources lol!

I have also been baking bread and making a mess. I have found a good recipe for a farmhouse loaf which I am getting the hang of. Will find it and post it later.

bread 2016

And I have been down the allotment with Dad but that’s another post I think!

Read a few books which have been on my shelf for a long time…

Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood – need to read MadAddam now to complete the trilogy

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne – Meh not impressed with this one I’m afraid

Allain Quartermain by H. Rider Haggard – Not exactly politically correct nowadays but not bad

The Story of English – cant remember who it was by but I do like reading about the origins of English

Of the 40 or so books I had on my list this time last year I have about 16 to go…trouble is one is Vanity Fair, another is War and Peace, and the others include Bleak House, Moby Dick, Return of the Native, Ivanhoe, Rob Roy… talk about motivation – these books could burn for hours they are that thick!

Right that’s it for now..

Have to go do some real work! Back soon!

Ellen x


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  1. Kit Dunsmore

    Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! We all start with scarves and blankets. You’ll be ready to try something a little more complicated soon. Or you could make scarves for the rest of your life (some people do) and still be totally happy. Knitting is so fun.

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