A few months ago I did a post called ‘10 BLOGS YOU MUST FOLLOW’. Since then I have, literally, followed DOZENS more blogs and I thought I would do an updated list here.

  1. https://23littletrees.wordpress.com/ This blog is about 2 families in France living the good life – gardening, cooking, videos…all good stuff! I love the pictures and the food looks so fresh and yummy!
  2. https://myhippiebabe.wordpress.com/ One of my favourite blogs, I love the posts about making a passive income, not something I would have thought about if not for this blog! It has definitely inspired me to look into it further.
  3. http://freedom40plan.com/ This guy aims to ‘retire’ at 40…I have only come across this relatively recently, so haven’t had chance to have a proper look around, but it looks good so far!
  4. http://myfoododyssey.com/ lots of recipes, love the look of the cabbage rolls! This couple lives in Lithuania, so lots of Lithuanian recipes…good if you want to try something different!
  5. http://www.1500days.com/ this again is similar to freedom 40 plan, this time the goal is a debt-free portfolio in 1500 days. This also looks good, so will be checking back here every so often!
  6. http://proofreaderhannah.com/blog/  I would LOVE to get into proofreading and writing so this is my dream job site (don’t think I will be doing it anytime soon but it’s good to dream, right?!)…also I like the blog with little interesting, wordy facts about the English language 🙂  I get so annoyed at people who use ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’, ooh I see a potential blog post coming up!
  7. https://smallhousebigskyhomestead.wordpress.com/ Green living, sustainability, homesteading…what more could a blog need?! I love this blog!
  8. http://imnotahippiebut.com/ Another great blog to follow…check out the post about plastics in the ocean – it’s a recent post…climate change, animals, I like this blog!
  9. http://www.posiegetscozy.com/ I love the pictures on this blog…crafty things, home things, toddler things! Definitely worth a look. One of the more famous I think of the crafty type blogs, but for a reason – the pictures are amazing!
  10. http://candeloblooms.com/ And the best till last, lovely pictures, recipes (I made the apple cake a couple of months ago and it was nom!) and Mrs Blooms is possibly the nicest lady on the internet!

Have a look and see if any catches your eye here. One blog leads to another leads to another.

And it looks like some of these have one thing in common – FANTASTIC PICTURES, which I think is where my blog fails…I am just not arty in the photographic sense. In fact, when it comes to taking pics I am like a man shopping – buy the first thing that fits in the colour you want and that’s your shopping done! So, some future homework, I think.

And that’s me done for another post! Off to have a cuppa now, get ready for tomorrow (find out bus times into town – I haven’t had to get the bus in years!) and maybe see what is lurking in the kitchen cupboards for me to nibble on. Hopefully there is something nice and tasty, but I will settle for just something at this point!

Have a Wicked Wednesday! x


5 thoughts on “10 MORE BLOGS YOU MUST FOLLOW

  1. Candelo Blooms

    What a lovely thing to say! You made my day- not just because you included me on your blog list, but also your kind comments! Thank you! On the photography front, have a look at the camera I recently bought- there is a photo of it at the end of my post : Spring Feasting. See: http://candeloblooms.com/2015/11/03/spring-feasting/. It is a Canon SX710 HS model. It is so easy to use, takes great photos and has a great zoom (30X optical zoom). And remember – I tale A LOT of photos and you are seeing the very best of them!!! Thank you again and Happy Christmas to a terrific fellow blogger! May your New Year be full of running, skipping, leaping, dancing and twirling and lots of fun and happiness! xxx


  2. 23littletrees

    Hi, what a lovely way to start the day – thank you!!! Great to be on the list. It will be nice to have a good read of the others and meet some like minded fellow bloggers! Thanks again


  3. House of Nicnax

    Funny how you say “one blog leads to another, then another….” Because that’s exactly how I have just found you! I’m going to check out your list of blogs too! I’ll see where that leads me!


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