Village floods

I live in a village near the River Swale in North Yorkshire.

The past week we have had a lot of rainfall, in some parts of the country we have had 6 weeks worth of rain on 24 hours. Yesterday the bridge was closed due to extensive flooding and the main road we live on was lovely and quiet! In fact, the only other day in the year that it is this quiet is Christmas Day.

I have noticed in the past decade or so that the road has gotten busier, with all the new houses they insist on building the councils just don’t seem to upgrade the roads.

Luckily we live at the other end of the village, more than half a mile away from the river so we never have any problems. I think there may have been a farm or two that were in danger of flooding but I don’t think they were hit.


flood 1

flood 2

flood 3



8 thoughts on “Village floods

  1. Elizabeth

    Reg and I got stuck in Carlisle on Saturday – all the roads out were flooded. All the hotels in town were fully booked so we had to stay in a travelodge on the M6 – which was lucky as we were safe from the flooding. Had to call out a friend with a land rover though on Sunday to make sure we got home.


  2. Candelo Blooms

    Hope you are still OK over there! The UK floods are on our news every night. Awful things to clean to afterwards and a tough time of year to have them when it’s so cold as well! We have big floods in tropical Darwin and devastating bush fires down south along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, at the moment! But that’s typical of Australia at this time of year!!! The worry is that these catastrophic events are likely to become more intense and more frequent with climate change! How many more warnings does the world need?!!! Hopefully it will all start settling down in the New Year for you, though I suspect we might be in for a long fire season over here! Happy New Year!!! xxx


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