I just thought I would share a few thoughts on Pinterest here today to give you some inspiration.

I joined Pinterest about 6 months ago and at first I wasn’t sure about it. What was the point? All you did was like and pin pictures you like. Wow, big deal. But, after seeing what is actually out there, I have changed my mind about it.

I still don’t get the social element of it if I’m totally honest. But. I do see the creativity part of it now.


So, what are the benefits of signing up to Pinterest?


It allows you to show off your creations, your blog posts, your links, your pictures.

Searching for inspiration? Follow your friends and people you admire to see what is on their boards. The amount of ideas I have got for things like Halloween, Christmas etc. from Pinterest is vast. OK, maybe I haven’t actually DONE many of them…but you know where to go if you’re stuck for ideas.

It is especially good for people with children. Need to know how to keep them occupied on a shoestring? There are hundreds of ideas here. Need to know where to go for free educational / fun printables? Pinterest has lots of links.

There are free crochet and knitting patterns on there.

You can find deals / bargains / coupons to help you save money.

Keep up to date with latest trends – not that that is me, but still.

I have been looking lately at ideas for writing, blogging and earning a living online. Loads of ideas here. Some do get repeated, or there is a crossover in some lists, but the general advice and the amount of it is quite good. Often you click on one link, follow it through and read more articles on that website, then see something that catches your eye and before you know it you have found something really good about 3 websites away from the original link on Pinterest (some people would call that getting distracted – I would call it research!).

Another thing you can do with Pinterest is document your life in a visual way. Holidays you been on, activities you have done…all on a virtual scrapbook.

And on the flip side you can document your dreams and goals. What do you want to own / achieve / have in your life? You can create an inspiring dream board here and keep looking at it when times get tough.

I came across this website which has an interesting article about Pinterest.

Pinterest Jobs: How I Turned Pinterest into a Full-Time Job


Another way of looking at Pinterest is as an organisational tool. There are pins about budgeting, lists, making money, saving money, getting ready for things (like Christmas), to-do lists…and the best part? You can make a board and keep all of your favourite links in one place.

I think the important thing to take away from this is you can use the other social networking sites to actually network, where Pinterest is more be inspired, look at a pin and see where it takes you!

I still don’t go on it too often but I am definitely warming to it more than I was!

Ellen x



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  1. A Country Yarn

    I love Pinterest for all of the reasons you listed. It’s also a nice Plan B to simply bookmarking info in a browser. And when I come across a cute idea for a summer picnic in January, I can easily locate the pin at a more appropriate time.

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