Simple Christmas Wreath

Today I have been experimenting and fiddling around with wool. Which is odd in itself as I’m not the sort of person who does that. Usually I am following a pattern or making something off the top of my head without actually pausing to discover new stitches for myself.

But today I have been making Christmas wreaths. Some are better than others. They have all been crocheted.

Here is my pin board with the wreaths. I will definitely be changing this closer to Christmas! This is just a first draft!

all together wreathe

I was playing around with the green wool and this is how I did it (sorry for my crappy pics).

tutorial 1

I wrapped the wool around my fingers 7 or 8 times.

tutorial 2

Then made a slip stitch.

tutorial 3

Then double (single in US) crocheted all the way around it.

green wreath

I added gold beads to the green wool wreath. And left a long piece of wool to hang it with.

I also got creative and made…

A ribbon wreath.

ribbon wreath

A metallic embroidery thread wreath – it’s very small!

metallic wreath

A naff ribbon / wool / thread mix…

Not sure about this one!

red wreath

And a thick red and white ‘candy cane’ wreath which is my favourite.

candy wreath

I like the metallic thread one and I think it would be great if I made another one and made a pair or earrings.

You could also make a loop and hang these on the tree or as a garland.

They are very easy and quick to make.

I think they need something extra though…like crocheted holly leaves, or a needle-felted robin!.

Also, you could make HUUUUUGE ones and use them as hoop-la games!

Have a go…


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