A Perfect Crafty World

Wouldn’t it be great if we could make a living from being crafty and creative? And not just in the ‘traditional’ sense of starting a crafty business or becoming a designer. I mean, think of all the ‘crafty’ things we do, all of the projects we start and (mostly) finish. Personal projects is what I am talking about here. Things we don’t sell anyway and just make for the hell of it or because we can. 

Knitting, crochet, sewing, baking, cross stitch, candle/ soap making, cutting, stamping, sticking, weaving…

Imagine this.

Some filthy rich mysterious benefactor contacts you with a proposition. They will pay you for every crafty item you make. Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it?

But how much would they pay…or would you charge?

I think it would go something like this…(I should probably point out this is the kind of sad thing I day dream about…all of the following comes straight from my strange brain…sadly none of it is real)


£200 for every double sized blanket you make.

£100 for every single sized blanket you make.

£30- £50 a scarf.

£70 a shawl.

£20 a hat.

£40 per sewn quilt – small.

£80 per sewn quilt – medium.

£120 per sewn quilt – large.

£10 per candle.

£5 per bar of soap.

£10 per amigurumi, depending on size.

£20 per lino-cut stamped gift bag.

£30 per simple paper- cut card.

£50 per complicated paper-cut card.

£5 per cross-stitched gift tag.


And shall we say £20 for every book you read? Because that’s technically looking for inspiration, right?!

Oh, how I love imagining things like this!

I mean, just think how you would plan your day…

7am 8am

Get up and ready.

9am -10am

Make a batch of 10 moulded candles and leave to set.


Whilst the candles are cooling, I can be planning a patchwork quilt and cutting up squares in bulk so they are ready to sew. Do a bit of sewing then have tea break. Happy. Happy, happy.


Check on candles and add more wax if needed. Sort them out.

Make 5 cross stitch gift tags (I’m a speedy stitcher so that should be doable).

12pm -1pm

Lunch and go for a quick walk (because even us creatives have to get out every once in a while).


Using a pre-cut piece of lino I will make 30 stamped gift bags. Leave to dry.


Work on projects on the go – the sewn patchwork blanket, crochet shawls, crocheted hats….


Finish last few chapters of War and Peace.


Make 5-10 more cross stitch gift tags.


So for a day’s ‘work’ that makes approx. £770 if my calculations be correct!!! Think of the wool you could buy with that!! Or fabric. Or cake…

Oh wouldn’t that be great! Why are there no Mysterious Benefactors offering to pay me like this? Where are you?! I am perfectly willing to make things for money…it costs extra if you want good quality makings though…

I like this kind of dream – it makes me VERY happy.

Not likely to happen though is it?!



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  1. nuvofelt

    It’s possible! I ran a successful craft based business for 30 years – but…… there is a lot of hard work involved if you want to make sales of any description. Go for it – but be prepared to work harder than you would for an employer….. 😀

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