October Sunflowers and Mouse Rolls

Happy Weekend to you all!

Cue lots of cake, relaxing and forgetting of work-related stresses.

I have been up and about this week.

Yesterday, I made some bread rolls. Now, I have never made rolls before, bread yes, but rolls no. They did not look like the picture in the cook book!! How Mary Berry managed to make EIGHTEEN Dinner Rolls out of this mix I don’t know. Maybe because she is the Bake Fairy? I managed 14. Which wasn’t bad.

What was ‘bad’ was that they were TINY! Mouse sized! Therefore I name them Mouse Rolls…

Still tasty though…

mouse rolls

Is it just me or do they look comet shaped?

I also came across a tablecloth I made a few years ago. Well, I say ‘made’, actually I just mean I cross stitched it. It’s only about a metre squared so it isn’t massive, but it’s ok for a tiny end table…with a vase and a cup of tea.

sunflower 1


sunflower 2

sunflower 3

It was a kit I bought from my local sewing shop. I think they had a couple of other options like poppies, but I liked the yellow of this one. Very bright.

Amazing what you find when you tidy up once in a while! 😉

Have a great weekend! xx

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