52 BOOKS #19

Happy Tuesday…

Oh my gosh, I am SO behind on my 52 Books target! That averages out, in theory, at 1 book a week, but since I spent the first few months not really reading much, I think I may have shot myself in the foot. Figuratively speaking.

I am only up to 19 as of yet, but in my defence, many of the books are LONG and many are OLD (i.e. classics!) so take a bit of thought and therefore time to read.

That being said, I picked up Chocolat by Joanne Harris yesterday and finished it by teatime.

I love the film, it’s one of my favourites. And it’s got chocolate in so what’s not to like?! But, I didn’t enjoy the book as much. Oh the disappointment!

I think if I hadn’t have seen the film then I would be a little confused as to what was going on.

I didn’t like the fact the film’s Compt de Reynauld was the priest in the book, and that the priest had previously set fire to the river barges many years ago, killing 2 people.

Oh…er…sorry…SPOILER ALERT!!

It just makes him an evil criminal. And not the petty baddie he is in the film.

In the film, Pantoufle is a kangaroo, but a bunny in the book.

And Roux! While he is quite the gentleman in the film, he is a bit of a stroppy, moody, proud, almost wet-blanket kind of guy in the book.

It was OK overall, and gives a little more history and background than the film does (it is implied that Vianne was abducted as a baby by a gypsy which is why she travels around so much), I’m not so sure I enjoyed the book as much as it left me wanting a proper ending. I do have the sequel, The Lollypop Lady downstairs so maybe that wraps things up satisfactorily? Another day’s read I think.

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