Pumpkins Galore

Afternoon all,

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. Why? Because PUMPKIN that’s why!!!

I spent a happy 4 hours cutting up and cooking the huuuuge pumpkin Dad bought back from the allotment.

I first roasted 2 trays to make some pumpkin puree…medium sized chunks took about 40 mins, let them cool a bit and then pureed them in a food processor.

Whilst that was going on, I readied 2 big pans and chopped up the rest of the pumpkin really small and made 2 batches of soup, one of which is in the freezer now and half is still out (we had half for tea last night).

pumpkin soup

And with the puree I made pumpkin muffins…nom!

Here is the recipe I used: http://www.marthastewart.com/355570/pumpkin-muffins

It is American so you need cups for measuring. I used all plain flour because I didn’t have any wholemeal. Ever heard of Easi-yo yoghurt? Where you make your own? Mum had made a batch the night before, so we had homemade yoghurt in homemade muffins with a homegrown squash!!

pumpkin muffins

Tonight we are going to use up the remaining pumpkin squares in a cous cous recipe with lamb koftas…so that is a lot of meals from one squash!

Yesterday I also went to my local library and borrowed 7 books, some of them crafty ones, I think we should all support our local libraries as much as we can. If we don’t, they will disappear! Did you know authors can get paid every time someone borrows their book? Up to a certain amount and so many times I think, but it’s a little extra, right?

I also did a little bit of my crochet scarf on the go, only another 1 or 2 pattern repeats to go I think.

And today? Presents all round!!

My friend Lizzie sent me a pack of stickers and a German newspaper, it’s good to keep up with my languages! So thank you, that was a nice surprise! And Mum bought me a very thick crafty Christmas magazine, which I will be looking at soon.

And what else this week? My foot keeps getting better, starting to walk a bit more with one crutch, although I do look a bit like the penguin from batman doing a weird shuffle thing. And stairs are easier. Less pain, less swelling. Which is good.

All in all, a good few days 🙂


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