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Crafty updates

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging for a fortnight or so is that I have been beavering away at a couple of projects. One of which is this little lapghan for my friend Angela. The colours are very her and it is just big enough to drape over your lap – ideal whilst watching TV!!

The wool was from a pack from Deramores…either the crystal or the gem? Can’t remember the name, but it is 100% acrylic and very soft! 🙂



angela blankie

I have also been working on a cross stitch project I mentioned a few posts back.

I had this pattern as a giveaway with a magazine about 15 years ago, before patterns were in colour!

There are no colour pictures with it (maybe there were in the magazine but that got recycled ages ago!) so every new colour is a surprise.

It’s not finished…maybe another week or two to go. In case you cant tell they are balloons, although the sun in the corner looks REALLY sinister! And I hate working with metallic threads – you have to use a shorter length and be more careful which means going slower. But I have done about 60 -70% of it. And I am really loving it! It is going by quick and I’m glad I finally decided to pick it up, rather than leaving it unstarted in a drawer for 15 more years.


ballons 2


Birthday Weekend: Saturday

On Saturday I caught up with my friend Lizzie who I haven’t seen for a little while. Always good to catch up on the gossip!

We had cake, had hotdog! had a walk, took photos, opened presents from Lizzie and Kerrie…THANK YOU! 🙂

And we did it all at Fountains Abbey, near Ripon, North Yorkshire.

This is an estate owned by the National Trust which includes the ruins of an old abbey which was one of many destroyed by Henry VIII and was occupied by Cistercian Monks. There is also a deer park, water gardens and fountains, a long walk with lots of little bridges and a collection of follies. Worth a visit if you are ever up North!

And it looked beautiful with the autumn colours…

fountain 6

fountain 4

fountain 2

fountain 1


Birthday Weekend: Friday

Hi all,

Sorry for the no-show this past fortnight and more…it’s been one of those times when I not just say I have been busy, but actually have been!!

Last weekend I turned 30. The big three – oh. I am old…but I certainly don’t feel it!

On Friday I went for a little walk about and lunch with the parents at a quaint little town called Helmsley. It’s in the North York Moors, a National Park in North Yorkshire, England, and honestly, there isn’t a lot to do there. But the steak and fried onion baguette was very nice thank you very much!!

And I found an amazing sweetie shop which sells Black Bullets, which are small round black sucky sweets, which taste of mint and last AGES. Possibly longer than Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstopper. So that pleased me!

Here are a couple of pics of the town to give you an idea of the place…

helmsley 1


helmsley 2


helmsley 3




Don’t worry! Don’t Panic!

I’m not dead, just been busy and not the online distracted kind of busy.

And I know it has been a week and a half without posting, but it is nice to be offline occasionally, as I seem to be always mentioning in some post or other.

For many years I have had a cross stitch pattern that I looked at and knew I wanted to do. I say many years, I really mean about 15! It was a free pull out pattern from a magazine before the patterns were in colour. I have been surprised at how colourful the pattern is as I am stitching it, because the pattern is in black and white!

And there are 33, 440 stitches altogether so it is taking me awhile!

I will post a longer post tomorrow with pics because I am lazy and going to go actually do stuff now!

Till then…x


October Sunflowers and Mouse Rolls

Happy Weekend to you all!

Cue lots of cake, relaxing and forgetting of work-related stresses.

I have been up and about this week.

Yesterday, I made some bread rolls. Now, I have never made rolls before, bread yes, but rolls no. They did not look like the picture in the cook book!! How Mary Berry managed to make EIGHTEEN Dinner Rolls out of this mix I don’t know. Maybe because she is the Bake Fairy? I managed 14. Which wasn’t bad.

What was ‘bad’ was that they were TINY! Mouse sized! Therefore I name them Mouse Rolls…

Still tasty though…

mouse rolls

Is it just me or do they look comet shaped?

I also came across a tablecloth I made a few years ago. Well, I say ‘made’, actually I just mean I cross stitched it. It’s only about a metre squared so it isn’t massive, but it’s ok for a tiny end table…with a vase and a cup of tea.

sunflower 1


sunflower 2

sunflower 3

It was a kit I bought from my local sewing shop. I think they had a couple of other options like poppies, but I liked the yellow of this one. Very bright.

Amazing what you find when you tidy up once in a while! 😉

Have a great weekend! xx